Written by justis berg
16 November 2010

Extreme Muscle Ehhancement
By Carlon M. Colker, M.D., FACN

Doc's Own MYO-T12™ Experience

While the physician and researcher in me may find the published science behind MYO-T12™ most compelling (see www.myot12.com and link to the published research), it seems like far more people out there are interested in knowing about my own personal MYO-T12™ experience. How much did MYO-T12™ drop your myostatin? How much muscle did you gain? Did you get stronger? Were the pumps better? Did you recover faster? Did you lose body fat? What did you like? What didn't you like? Questions like these seem to be pelting me from all directions. From the talks I give, to the athletes and teams I work with, to casual fans I bump into around town or in the gym, to even the cats on the Muscular Development MYO-T12™ forum (www.musculardevelopment.com), so many want to know the details of my own personal MYO-T12™ experience.

Funny but I didn't think what I had to say from personal experience mattered so much. I had figured that had I started piping off on the subject it would be perceived of as so bias that no one would be interested. As a result I assumed that ultimately such personal reporting would just detract from genuine interest in the product and serve as nothing more than fodder for those naysayers who would jump at the chance of saying I am just bias because I'm talking about my own MYO-T12™. Moreover I didn't want my own story to become a side-show and take away from the substance of what I thought was really important. I was more interested in published peer-reviewed science and the objective experience of others. But as logical as that may be, it surprisingly ended up dimming in comparison to the strong compunction seemingly everyone developed to know if/how MYO-T12™ worked for me personally. It became such an issue that, however it may be taken, that I simply could no longer ignore it. So here goes:

Yes, of course I take my own products, and that includes MYO-T12™. I am a big fan of MYO-T12™ and love how I look and feel while taking it. I absolutely practice what I preach and trust few who don't. But how I take it now has not always been the same.

In the beginning, when I finally got a hold of the first pre-distribution batch of MYO-T12™ I most certainly personally put it to the test. Originally my starting weight was 208lbs. at about 7% body fat. My baseline pre-MYO-T12 blood myostatin level was 26.3mcg/mg. Over a six month run I ran my weight up to 235lbs. at 6% body fat. My average periodic drop in blood myostatin level was to 10.6mcg/mg (a reduction of about 40% from baseline). During that time I experienced a dramatic increase in hunger as the first early sign (something so many report experiencing nearly across the board). Within about five weeks clear strength gains came quickly thereafter, but I was careful to not push the numbers up higher than I felt I needed to pump and grow. Personally I felt this was helped by a subjective feeling that the pumps were fully and deeper, and came a bit sooner than I had previously ever experienced. Also within about two months I noticed my body healing better and more efficiently (i.e., far less joint stiffness, less joint crepitus, and a quicker recovery between workouts manifested as a reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness).

But make no mistake about it I was busting a gut training in the gym doing strict high-intensity bodybuilding workouts, no more MMA, and I backed off a bit on my cardio. I was in it for mass, for sure. By about the third month of MYO-T12™ the gains really started taking. That's when things got a bit concerting because in my heart, after satisfying my mind that MYO-T12™ worked for me, the truth was I really didn't want to put on a ton of beef. That whole image was and is not for me anymore. But obviously I felt I had to press it a bit and see how it worked for me in terms of just getting big and ripped. After six months I felt my body was still pulling ahead. In fact it felt more like the reigns were nearly ripping out of my hands! So that's when I tapped the breaks. If I didn't, at the rate I was going, by year end I surely would have been 250lbs., and that's just not what I wanted. I had proven MYO-T12™ to myself and now it was time to shut it down. At that point I completely stopped the MYO-T12™. Add to that, I drastically dropped my total daily caloric intake from 6-10 small protein meals each day including 2-3 protein shakes, down to just three to five meals including 1-2 protein shakes. In conjunction, I brought all those hours of bodybuilding training down to only two to three hours per week, with all the rest of my training going back to 1-2 hrs/day of MMA (BJJ, wrestling, boxing, kick-boxing, etc.) and lots of StepMill™ cardio (3-5 times/week). I felt I needed to do this because, in addition to the diet, had I not changed my training as well, much of the mass I gained would have persisted. Again, with all this being an experiment for me, I really honestly wasn't interesting in being huge. Those days of chasing mass are long behind me and even then I simply had no real heartfelt desire to de-evolve and go back to trying to get huge. Nonetheless, I had something to prove to myself.

Beyond confirming for to myself, on myself, that MYO-T12™ works to produce incredible results when taken properly, I learned a far greater application for athletes. While I fully realize that most meatheads would just be completely bowled over by the mass, strength, and pump gains, I felt that for me the far more compelling facet to MYO-T12™ was its ability to speed recovery in my body. Over my decades in bodybuilding I've taken so much stuff, so I know what works and what doesn't. I know exactly how much effect creatine has on my body. I know what BCAA's do. I can feel and see the tangible results of different things I've taken. But for the most part, I know through first-hand experience when something doesn't work at all. Unfortunately that has been the case with far too many products I've wasted my own money on. You see, people so quickly forget that, first and foremost, I'm a consumer too. From experience, I learned that, at least for me, something most definitely was going on when I took MYO-T12™. There was no denying that fact.

So after a few more months I went back on MYO-T12™ but this time reduced my frequency of administration to just 3-4 days per week. Add to that I held my bodybuilding training to no more than five hours each week and sometimes as little as three, with the rest of my training MMA training and cardio. Add to that, I attempted to not indulge too much of the hunger, especially late in the day. As a result my calories were relatively quite restrictive. This approach allowed my weight to trickle back down to a level that I felt was more reasonable (around 215lbs. at only 4% body fat). All the while MYO-T12™ taken this way seemed to keep me strong and reasonably sized, while not over bulking me.

Since that time and to this day, equipped with that knowledge and the experience of many others, I use MYO-T12™ as a regular part of the regimen of so many of the athletes I work with to enhance healing and recovery. I just have to be careful with MYO-T12™ in terms of not only the diet and training that accompanies its use, but also the frequency and duration of administration which I also modify depending on the type of athlete and the sport they are engaged in. Specifically, Shaq has enjoyed the benefits of MYO-T12™, and we should keep that in mind as the Cleveland Cavaliers march closer to the championship! Also if you want to read the specifics about how I used MYO-T12™ in training with UFC champion fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, check out my feature article in the March 2010 issue of Fitness Rx for Men.

One final extraordinary added advantage as to why I use MYO-T12™ in so many of the competitive athlete I work with is that it is not on any of the banned substance lists of any of the major sports organizations including WADA and IOC. It does not contain any anabolic steroids, though it might feel like it does. It does not contain growth hormone, though it might feel like it does. Probably of little or no concern to the average iron-pumper, in sharp contrast, to athletes it's nearly everything. In a business where I have to be concerned constantly with putting anything in a body that would cause an athlete to fail a drug screen, MYO-T12™ is a breakthrough. Now have MYO-T12™ in my arsenal to super-charge athletes without worrying about breaking the rules, while getting all the benefits!

Dr. Colker's book, Extreme Muscle Enhancement: Bodybuilding's Most Powerful Techniques is available by calling 1-800-310-1555 or ordering the book on-line at www.prosource.net. MYO-T12™ is available at www.myot12.com and In addition, if you have a question for Dr. Colker, check out www.musculardevelopment.com, MD Forums, MD Staff and Pros, Extreme Truth With Carlon Colker, M.D.!