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06 February 2020






Dry Anabolic Prohormone


The undisputed leader in prohormone development does it again with the lean, dry, easy gains of Dymethazine®. This novel compound brings lean, clean gains similar to their 1-Andro products, but in a bigger, more powerful package. 3-Beta-Hydroxy-5alpha-androstan-17-one compounds (also known as 1-Andro or Epiandrosterone) are paired with an azine bond that allows for massively improved bioavailability. While there are several products on the market with this highly effective ingredient, none do it the way Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals® does.


The undisputed leader in prohormone technology, Hi-Tech brings yet another option to the prohormone category and found a dramatically better way to improve absorption. Growth and strength increases have never been easier. Dymethazine® will not only help improve athletic performance through increased energy, but it also dramatically increases the potential for enhanced recovery and growth. Many users report an increased sexual desire and improved nightly performance. Looking better, feeling better and improving your performance in the bedroom is what products like Dymethazine® provide.


By adding the “azine” component, your body is better able to utilize more of the ingredients at much higher levels than if they were taken alone. Most manufacturers simply increase the dose of ingredients in their product in the hopes that more of those ingredients are not destroyed in the first pass through the liver or broken down higher in the gut. Hi-Tech has found a novel way to use lower doses of ingredients but massively improve the way your body is able to use those ingredients.


Since the goal of most users is to improve muscle mass and strength, Dymethazine® helps you achieve that in rather short order. With the suggested use of six to eight weeks, this gives your body just long enough to adapt and allow for improved recovery without overly stressing vital bodily processes. Improved recovery on a day-to-day basis means faster results. Bigger, faster and stronger are the hallmarks of Hi-Tech prohormones and Dymethazine® does not disappoint.


One of the primary benefits of Dymethazine® is that it is non-methylated, which means it is easier on your body compared to similar ingredients found in other prohormones. Methylated products can produce tremendous stress on your liver, kidneys and digestive system as a whole. While epiandrosterone can be converted to the hormone DHT, it does not commonly convert to estrogen, meaning that common side effects like gynecomastia, acne and water retention are very unlikely in most athletes.


Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals flips the script with their newest, most powerful prohormone to date – Dymethazine®. Make growth easy!


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Make Growth Easy!

• Increase Dry Muscle Mass

• Increase Explosive Power

• Anabolic Pathway Activator








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