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26 November 2019








Introducing Anadrox

The Powerful Nitric Oxide Fat Burning Inferno


ANADROX combines the power of nitric oxide (NO) with a potent, full spectrum fat-burning matrix in one breakthrough formula to simultaneously trigger extreme muscle growth and pumps, while activating a powerful vasothermic fat-loss reaction. ANADROX™ delivers powerful energy, plus metabolism-boosting and fat-burning benefits in one pound-melting inferno!


Crush NO Inhibitors for Maximum Nitric Oxide Output!

ANADROX™ pushes nitric oxide production beyond physiological normality, allowing bodybuilders to experience the most immense muscle pumps ever. ANADROX™ contains the powerful nitric oxide-boosting blend, NitroFolin™, an advanced complex with the ability to override the body’s NO agonists (restrictors) for an unprecedented perpetual pump! Let’s take a look at how this amazingly powerful blend works.


One Mother of a Pump!

While arginine and arginine derivatives such as AAKG (arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate) are the “raw materials” used by the body to produce nitric oxide, there are many interactions along the nitric oxide pathway that influence nitric oxide production: homocysteine, ADMA (asymmetric dimethylarginine), SOA (superoxide anion), SOD (superoxide dismutase) and perhaps the most critical of all, NOS (nitric oxide synthase). The relationship between these co-factors has a direct influence on the amount of arginine that can be converted (synthesized) to nitric oxide. No matter how much arginine or arginine substrates (i.e., AAKG, arginine malate, arginine ethyl ester) you feed your body, the amount of nitric oxide you can produce is limited to these nitric oxide pathway co-factors. In other words, while arginine is the fuel, these co-factors are the parts that make up the nitric oxide engine. The development of the amazing compound, NitroFolin™, allows ANADROX™ to override all nitric oxide agonists for significantly greater NO production. NitroFolin™ is a scientifically advanced complex that has the unique ability to maximize the conversion of arginine to NO by augmenting all of the co-factors involved in arginine’s conversion to nitric oxide within the pathway— causing One Mother of a Pump!


Prolong the Life of the Nitric Oxide (NO) Molecule With PDE5 Antigen Technology

If you’ve ever taken a nitric oxide product, you’ve felt that “flattening out” period and lost your pump quickly. Even with an extended release delivery, nitric oxide products don’t sustain a pump well. But this is where ANADROX™ is different.


MHP’s research and development department has employed an amazing PDE5 Antigen Technology that blocks PDE5 from converting cGMP to the pump-deadly GTP, in effect, keeping the pump-feeding cGMP alive in your bloodstream for longer. With ANADROX™, not only will you jack nitric oxide production through the roof with arginine, NitroFolin™ and a full spectrum of other nitric oxide stimulators— but with this advanced PDE-5 Antigen Technology, you’ll extend the life span of every nitric oxide molecule. The net effect of increased nitric oxide production coupled with the extended life span causes “cumulative nitric oxide saturation.” This maximum saturation of nitric oxide will actually force your muscles to expand, giving you added size and explosive pumps that last for hours upon hours after your workout!


ANADROX™ doesn’t stop at the pump. ANADROX™ is the first nitric oxide supplement
in the world that employs a maximum strength, fat-shredding vasothermic compound to get you leaner than ever before.


Groundbreaking Vasothermic Technology:


Nitric Oxide Acts Like a Nuclear Reactor, Igniting ANADROX’s Powerful, Fat-Burning Matrix – Thermo-Z7™!


ANADROX™ employs an advanced vasothermic technology. Here’s how it works. As the infusion of nitric oxide causes your muscles to engorge with blood, water or plasma is displaced from your circulatory system, causing a plasma volume shift. As a result, your blood becomes more concentrated with the most powerful fat-burning matrix ever developed, Thermo-Z7™. This fat-burning matrix is unlike any other in existence. Thermo-Z7™ literally cranks up your entire fat-burning furnace with a multi-faceted mechanism of action. High levels of the most researched and clinically proven fat-burning ingredients like 7-Keto® and Advantra Z® supplying octopamine, synephrine, hordenine, N-methyltyramine and tyramine are just part of the Thermo-Z7™ fat-burning equation. Nitric oxide acts as a catalyst to exponentiate the fat-burning effects of Thermo-Z7™. This vasothermic reaction triggers extreme body fat reduction to accentuate detailed muscle definition and vascularity. Pump & Burn with ANADROX™!


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