Written by Team MD
22 December 2013

Evan Centopani

Leg Training Workout


Evan Centopani is a man who picks and chooses his contests with meticulous purpose. He only targets a contest he intends to win— or cause some serious damage.

Having won the Tampa Pro in 2013, Evan is now focusing his energy on the 2014 Arnold Classic.

Since the foundation of any great physique is a set of killer legs, we thought you might like a crash course in leg training from Evan Centopani— the Beast From the East.

Build Your Wheels like The Beast from the East!

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Quick 6
Evan Centopani’s “quick hit” tips for building legs.EVAN-LEG-WORKOUT_ins2

1. Press through your heels and drive with your hips, not your knees.

2. On squats, be sure to keep your head and chest up— once you break your form and lean forward, it’s all over.

3. Quality is worth more than quantity— that goes for weigh, form and the intensity of your sets.

4. Find a good partner to help you to force reps and reach failure safely.

5. When deciding between heavy weight and high reps, opt for both!

6. Warming up is a good investment. Just 10 minutes on the StepMill will pay you back, big time.