Kai talks about what went wrong and how he's going to knock out the competition

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Ms. Figure Olympia Champion 2009: Nicole Wilkins Lee 2nd: Gina Aliotti 3

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Get the pictures from the Expo and all the other weekend events. Maybe you will

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A night of stunning upsets began with the 202 Showdown. Earlier today, after th

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In the second edition of the 202 Showdown, which I personally feel should at le

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2009 Mr. Olympia: Jay Cutler -$200,000.000 2nd: Branch Warren -$100,000

Since the Mr. Olympia contest began back in 1965, we've seen champions like Lar

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202 lbs Mr. Olympia ShowdownChampion: Kevin English 2nd: David Henry 3

I guess 4th time's a charm as Adela comes back to take her win! Adidasvar nsS

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