Written by Steve Blechman
01 August 2013

The Next MD Cover: Big Ramy-Fications?

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The degree of enthusiasm was as high13mag-ramy as the collective testosterone level of all the competitors at this year’s New York Pro, as the bodybuilding universe looked forward to one of the most eagerly anticipated comebacks in years – with the return of Victor Martinez, who was favored to win after rebounding from many challenges. All of the cards pointed to Victor as THE MAN, and many of his fellow competitors were in Victor’s corner. Then something happened out of the blue – or out of the Middle East, to be exact. “Big Ramy” walked onstage and the city that never sleeps hadn’t seen such a beast since King Kong shimmied up the Empire State Building to clean a few windows. What was going through the minds of the rest of the competitors?

When Mamdouh Elssbiay made his debut at the New York Pro last May, he shook the Big Apple to its core. “Big Ramy” stunned all those in attendance onstage (check out the free Big Ramy poster in this issue of MD) and offstage not just with his huge muscle size, but also with his balance and shape and waist taper unusual for most belonging to the mass-monsters club. In “The Beast From The East: Big Ramy-Fications.” Peter McGough looks at this once-in-a-generation freak with amazing aesthetics who could shake things up at this year’s Mr. Olympia.

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