Written by Team MD
01 November 2013

2013 NPC New England Championships

Jay Cutler to Guest Pose

13www-new-englandIt's going to be a busy weekend in Boston! If you're wondering if the 2013 NPC New England Championships will still go on despite the Red Sox Parade, the answer is yes!

Team MD will be on the scene covering this show, which includes an appearance from Jay Cutler!

Here's some information taken from the Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym Facebook Page:

The NPC NEW ENGLAND CHAMPIONSHIPS will go on tomorrow as scheduled!

The Red Sox parade will pass near the venue, but we are not directly on the route. ALL COMPETITORS please allow extra time for traffic and parking.

The venue will be open and accessible. We advise you to come in from the South of Boston and look for garage parking.

Arrive early...The NPC staff will be there waiting for you. Tomorrow will be an amazing day for Boston and the NPC!