Written by Steve Blechman
25 March 2016


Next MD Issue - "Classic Lee Built" Lee Labrada



When Arnold Schwarzenegger talks, and especially when he talks about bodybuilding, people listen. A year ago, Arnold expressed his displeasure over big guts on bodybuilding stages, and challenged judges to stop rewarding blocky bodies and return to seeking out the most perfect physiques. Arnold felt just as strongly that skilled posing presentation had become a lost art, and he’s been the driving force behind a move to reward more classic physiques and have the posing round reinstated as a judging round at his events, counting for a full one-third of the final score for each athlete.


In “Arnold Speaks Out! It’s Time to Terminate Big Guts and Bad Posing, and Restore Glory to Bodybuilding.” Arnold speaks exclusively with Ron Harris about the state of bodybuilding today and his push for change.

 “We’re getting more and more away from the ideal physique, from that V-shape body that we’ve always been idolizing. You know, wide shoulders, small waist, big thighs and big calves … kind of like the Greek ideal,” Arnold explains. “I always talked about making an X across the body. The deltoids would be the top of the X, the calves are the bottom and the smallest part in the middle is the abs.”

 Reflecting on the changes that he has pushed for, Arnold said, “I don’t want to knock anybody. The idea is that we will be able to get better performances, more drama onstage and better bodies, when we force the guys to practice a lot more by giving points for posing.” Thank you, Arnold, for taking the time to speak with MD.


With his symmetrical, aesthetic physique and powerful, flowing lines, bodybuilding legend Lee Labrada is one of the first names that comes to mind when discussing the classic physique. Lee also has the distinction of being a very classy gentleman. In “A Matter of Class,” Peter McGough’s exclusive interview, Lee talks about the introduction of the Classic Physique division, how he wishes bodybuilding contests were drug tested and how at age 55, he’s still living the bodybuilding lifestyle. Lee will be writing an exclusive new column called “Classic Lee Built,” starting next month on classic physique bodybuilding. Lee says “Classic Physique is not going to replace bodybuilding, but it will provide a new avenue for thousands of athletes to compete while pursuing a classic build that is aesthetically pleasing.” We are honored to have Lee join the MD line up!


Five-time Arnold Classic champion and 2008 Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson has enjoyed astounding longevity in bodybuilding, in large part due to his training smart and avoiding the types of injuries that sent many of his former peers into retirement. In “Classic Delts: Master Shoulder Crafting With Five-Time Arnold Classic Champ Dexter Jackson,” learn how Dexter built those kick-ass shoulders the old-fashioned way, with years of hard work on just a few basic exercises.


Dallas McCarver is determined to be one of the best pro bodybuilders in the world, and his coach is equally passionate about helping him get there. In “Colossal Collaboration! Dallas McCarver and Matt Jansen Are Building the Perfect Beast,” the two young Southerners— both hardworking, analytical and dedicated to giving their best every day— explain how Dallas has made steady gains and excellent progress toward his goals in the sport.


Classic Physiques never really ever went away, and now they’re enjoying a powerful surge in popularity and recognition. In “Classic Physique Is Back in Vogue – But Was It Ever Out of Style?” Ron Harris looks at the evolution of bodybuilding and how things have returned to a more streamlined look. In the fall of 2015, NPC and IFBB Pro League President Jim Manion announced the institution of a new competitive division: Classic Physique, already being called CPD for short. The Classic Physique division appeals to those who either can’t or have no desire to build the tremendous muscle thickness necessary to succeed in bodybuilding today, and instead choose to focus on shape, condition, proportion and presentation.


Muscular Development is your number-one source for building muscle, and for the latest research and best science to enable you to train smart and effectively. Our team of physicians, industry experts and research scientists has these reports on improving performance this month:

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 - Testosterone - “The Classic Anabolic Stack: Hard Training, Less Drugs!”

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 The rest of the book is packed to the binder as usual— making MD your one-stop, most authoritative source for optimizing muscular development with the latest cutting-edge research on training, nutrition, fat loss, performance-enhancing drugs, muscle growth and bodybuilding science— and exclusive information from the industry experts, insiders and bodybuilding legends who make it all happen. See you next month!