Written by Team MD
14 October 2019




With Dr. Sam Bakhtiar, the $100M Bodybuilder CEO


Why Fitness and Diet ‘Fads’ Die Out

How to Build a Fitness Business or Brand That Lasts a Lifetime


Those were the heydays of NEW and revolutionary workout fads and with them, fitness had some of its most memorable moments.


During the ’70s and ’80s, we saw the birth of dance exercise as a popular way to lean out, ushering an entirely new era of “fitness.” Beautiful women like Jane Fonda became household names with her record-breaking workout tapes. Jazzercise and aerobics with Gene Simmons. Headbands, volumized hair and tight-fitting, colorful, exercise outfits.


At the same time in 1977, a docudrama starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was released called “Pumping Iron” which inspired the next generation of bodybuilders including myself. Nostalgic.


People started catching on, especially opportunity-seeking entrepreneurs who wanted a piece of the “health industry pie.” So came the invention of Bowflex, Tae Bo, Pilates, P90X, yoga, barre, TRX, Insanity, boxing, spin, CrossFit, personal training, group training, boot camps and more.


We aren’t even including the “fad diets.” Sensational fat-burning pills that “literally melt the fat off overnight” or better yet, in 1981 one newspaper ran an ad with a headline stating, “Doctors claim new miracle drug reverses aging process - can prolong healthy life up to 120-150 years of age: No harmful side effects… safer than aspirin.”


Can you believe that? When was the last time you’ve heard of someone living to be over 120 years of age, except in the Old Testament?


That being said, I’m a huge supporter of most activities that get your heart rate up and keep you active. Sports, regular gym attendance and even some of the things mentioned above BUT I want to reiterate that NONE of those things will change anyone’s life.



So what will?


Now, I personally own a franchise of gyms called “The Camp: Transformation Center.” The secret’s in the name.


The secret to the fit, lean, body where muscle lives and stubborn body fat isn’t allowed. The secret to habits created and kept for a lifetime.


Owning and operating gyms for the better part of three decades has taught me a thing or two about the fitness industry and more in particular about those who sell “solutions.”


1. Sex appeal sells.

2. Good marketing sells.

3. “Ease of use” to people who want “something for nothing” really sells.


Enter the birth of a fad, and millions of dollars in marketing campaigns. Problem, Agitation, Solution. Where they get “desire glands” pumping, emotionally getting people to feel the pain of staying the same, so they buy in and join their program. Salesmanship at its finest. The same is true of fad diets.




The problem with “fads” is that they don’t last while only one thing does. Hence the name of our gyms. We understood that fads come and go and along with them, businesses die slow, painful deaths. So, if we truly wanted to create a business with longevity in mind then we needed to focus on the one thing that remains when the dust settles, transformation.


What is transformation? It’s a change from within that creates the reality without. In other words, no fad program will change anyone, until they themselves actually change.


That’s the approach we took. Instead of creating another “fad,” we decided to focus on what mattered most and would keep our clientele coming back for a lifetime, helping people build new habits based on how they view themselves.


Our model was simple: allow someone to come in and work their freaking butts off during our FREE six-week weight-loss challenge. Well, if we know one thing about six weeks of disciplined, accountable, hard work plus clean eating, it’s that you’ll actually lose fat. Shocking.


Many of our clients saw the first major win they’d ever seen in their entire lives when it came to personal fitness. They started to feel better because they looked better and the mirror proved it. It gave them the freedom to believe new things about themselves.


They transformed from, “shy, uncomfortable about their weight/bodies and unable to lose/keep it off,” to “I can do this, I just did and now I want to for the rest of my life.” An Identity Shift. Transformation. True, Lasting, Change. The only “fad” that’s here to stay.  



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