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07 February 2011

Hidetada Yamagishi was plagued with a few injuries last year one of which was a hernia and it became more than evident by the end of the bodybuilding season.

Hide is now back in the gym gaining weight and adding strength!

Exerpt from Hidetada's Blog on http://gasparinutrition.com/

Its been almost a month since my hernia surgery. I don't find anything wrong with it so far.

I already can perform most of exercise but I still don't go heavy like I used to do before surgery, specially the exercise like squat and deadlift. Even though, my body weight is backing up so quick. I had lost about 10lbs but now I am 10lbs heavier than myself right before surgery Smiley I had eaten only 3meals during my recovery phase then I add 3more meals at the same time I came back to the gym and of course started taking supplement such as Superpump Max and Size On.

Lately, I am putting some short training footages on my facebook fan page so you can see my real training in Gold's