Written by Adina Zanolli
25 September 2012

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He is waiting on x-rays, but it does not appear that anything is broken. He is very lucky. Ran off the road going 76mph.

Here's Todd at the hospital:

An update from Todd - taken from the middle of our conversation - with Todd's blessing to post.

AZ: Did you break anything?

TJ: The doctor just came back with R-ray results. Left clavicle is not broken and no major damage to left shoulder.

AZ: You are lucky to walk away from that. Did you fall asleep?

TJ: Yes.

AZ: You really are lucky.

TJ: Extremely lucky. You can see where I ran off the road at 76mph.

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AZ: Anything you want to say? They're already talking about it.

TJ: Still planning on getting on stage in India. Not sure how well my training will go after this and hot sure how bruised up I'll look on stage but I will be there. Some people are lucky enough to get a second chance at life. I have a third chance.

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One more update.... 

Just got off the phone with Todd. He's already sore, but sounded OK. The ambulance got some mixed signals on whether or not to come. It did not arrive, so Todd rode to the hospital with the tow truck driver.

He got out of the car be crawling through to the back seat and then out.

He's got some cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Cuts - mainly from crawling out. Bruises - from air bag impact. 

I told him I'd call to check tomorrow. I'll post an update here after I talk to him.

-- Report by Adina Zanolli