Written by Team MD
18 October 2012

Arnold: the King of Kings

Muscular Development December 2012 Issue Preview


Arnold is a name that speaks for itself— he’s the King of Bodybuilding and his name brings to mind a magnificence that is larger than life.

The former Governor of California and seven-time Mr. Olympia is a man who thinks big, aims big and achieves big things. The bodybuilding contest that bears his name, the Arnold Classic, is a true reflection of Arnold— one of the most prestigious and respected shows in the industry. Now Arnold is soaring to greater heights in bodybuilding, focusing on his latest business venture— the globalization of the Arnold Classic. The Arnold Classic Europe was held on October 13 in Madrid, Spain and on May 10th through 12th of next year, he will stage the first-ever Arnold Classic South America in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with future plans in China, Japan and Russia. “The goal is to have an Arnold event in each of the five major continents, and have all of the champions compete at a grand final every year at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus,” Arnold tells MD in the December 2012 issue. After conquering bodybuilding, politics and Hollywood, Arnold is making good on the promise, “I’ll be back.”

Today Columbus, Tomorrow the World!

ArnoldMuscular Development is pleased to present the second part of a world exclusive interview with Arnold— the King of Kings— that ties his entire career together. In “Today Columbus, Tomorrow the World!,” bodybuilding historian Peter McGough sits down with Arnold, who outlines his plans to expand the Arnold Sports Festival across five continents, and maps out his transition from political office back to box office. “At 65 I still have a passion for everything I do— I have always been that way,” Arnold tells Peter.

Arnold also says he never really “left” bodybuilding, and notes that bodybuilding was a solid foundation for the challenges in other walks of life that awaited him: “I would have not been the person I am today, had all the success I have had, if it hadn’t been for having gone through those bodybuilding years. Those years of learning how to set goals and how to achieve them. Those years of training hard and winning competitions. Those years of being tested continually as a human being, tested on character toughness. Those years of learning how to go on when others would have given up.”

Thank you, Arnold, for taking the time to speak with MD.

USA vs. Canada: Shoulder Smash!

Antoine-kuclo When the United States squares off against Canada in the battle for boulder shoulders, who wins? Readers of Muscular Development, of course! In “USA vs. Canada: Shoulder Smash! New Pros Steve Kuclo and Antoine Vaillant Destroy Delts at Metroflex,” these two young guns with massive melon delts give MD readers the lowdown on shoulder training when they do battle at the most hardcore gym in the world.

CUTLER 3.0: T – 10 Months

Cutler2 Four-time Mr. Olympia champion Jay Cutler is a man on a mission. He’s the most popular and successful bodybuilder in the word, but Jay has never been content to rest on his laurels. He’s always pushing himself to be better, which explains his latest challenge: taking the Mr. Olympia stage next September, seeking his fifth win. In “CUTLER 3.0: T – 10 Months,” Jay tells us that he’s back to business, back to training and back to the life of a Mr. Olympia contender who has his eyes on another Sandow.

Ripped to Perfection - Hide Yamagishi!

Hide Hide Yamagishi has a classic physique that’s balanced, with wide, round shoulders, a tiny waist and sweeping quads. At a stage weight of 220 pounds, Hide has slain many a dragon who towered over and outweighed him— including Dennis Wolf, Dennis James, Toney Freeman, Jason Huh and Todd Jewell. Find out how Hide puts it all together, dialing in that elusive combination of being cut, symmetrical and full, in “Ripped to Perfection! Hide Yamagishi Slays the Bigger Men With Killer Condition.”

Big in Texas - Hardcore at Metroflex Gym!

Texas-style Two-time Arnold Classic champion Branch Warren and his friend Johnnie Jackson are the best of friends in the gym, yet rivals onstage. They train like machines, with superhuman intensity and a no-bull attitude. You’ve seen their insane workouts on MD’s website, and in “Big in Texas! Brothers in Iron Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson Keep it Hardcore at Metroflex Gym,” we get to the bottom of how they started training together and why their partnership works so well.

The Mr. Olympia contest has experienced some great rivalries in the past, such as Arnold versus Sergio and Coleman versus Cutler. At this year’s Mr. Olympia on September 28th and 29th, Phil Heath and Kai Greene battled it out. See Peter McGough’s exclusive 2012 Olympia insider report, “An Olympia Rivalry Is Born.”

What’s a Major Distraction?

MajorEvery month, MD brings you a pictorial and interview with the hottest and most “distracting” women in the industry, who let it all hang out in more ways than one. This month, we take a look back (and front) at the most distracting ladies of 2012 and ask each of them, “What’s a Major Distraction?”

MD is home to the best trainers and contest-prep coaches in the industry, and beginning this month we have George Farah, Hany Rambod and Charles Glass together in “MD’s Trainers of Champions.” And for the latest on some of the industry’s newer pros and competitors, check out “Young Guns” with Steve Kuclo, Jonathan De La Rosa, Antoine Vaillant and Dallas McCarver.

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