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05 December 2012


Muscular Development January 2013 Preview




Muscular Development has to interrupt your workout with this important weather advisory— there’s a major HEATH wave in the January 2013 issue. The HEATH wave is Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, who is on the cover because he changed the course of bodybuilding forever.


When Phil Heath stepped onstage at the 2011 Mr. Olympia contest, ousting Jay Cutler from the throne, history was made. Phil’s rock-hard physique cast a huge and formidable shadow over the Orleans Arena, raising the bar a few notches and ushering in a new era of competition. Jaws dropped as “The Gift” set a new standard for size, shape and conditioning, and reshaped our vision of what it means to be Mr. Olympia— like Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler and Dorian Yates did in years past. We had officially entered the “Phil Heath era” of Mr. Olympia competition, and Phil Heath would be the man to beat in the foreseeable future.


At the 2012 Olympia on September 28 and 29, Phil Heath and Kai Greene battled it out and were the clear standouts of the show. Everyone expected Phil Heath to be better in 2012, after knocking King Cutler off the top of Mount Olympus the previous year. Phil’s improvements were subtle. Many people had crazy expectations because of his dramatic improvements of the past. The closer Phil gets to his ultimate potential, the more subtle his improvements will be. As Peter McGough, MD’s Special Features Editor said, “It’s difficult to improve on a souped-up Ferrari.



Phil Heath: Anatomy of a Victory


Phil is more determined to be his best ever at the 2013 Mr. Olympia. Any bodybuilder who plans on putting a stop to the Mr. Olympia “Heath Wave” has his work cut out for him. Phil Heath is a very gifted athlete— that’s why he’s called “The Gift.” He has superior lines, overall shape, balance, structure and aesthetics that make him hard to beat. In “Anatomy of a Victory” bodybuilding historian Peter McGough presents a personal, blow-by-blow account of Phil’s victory and triumphant second win. It’s a story you’ll find only in January MD.



The Evolution of Kai Greene

Kai Greene was the only man at the 2012 Olympia who gave Phil Heath a run for his money. Kudos to Kai, who finished second, but when the smoke cleared it was close but no cigar. In “The Evolution of Kai Greene,” Peter McGough charts the evolution of this bodybuilding original and extraordinary individual, who once again reinvented himself with the help of the IFBB Pro Guru, MD’s own George Farah.



Flex Lewis: Man of Destiny!

There are two types of man: the guy who waits to see his destiny and the guy who determines it. Real champions like James “Flex” Lewis, the 2012 Olympia 212 Champion, put themselves in the latter category. In “Man of Destiny,” find out how Flex made good on his promise to be the best 212 bodybuilder in the world.



Pec Wrecking in Texas

Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson have two of the best chests in the sport of bodybuilding today. They are iron warriors from Texas who redefine ferocious intensity, especially in their chest workouts. In “Pec Wrecking in Texas: Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson Blast Chest the Metroflex Way,” two of the very best pec wreckers in the game tell us a thing or two about chest training.



Ronnie Coleman: On The Road Again

They do things big in Texas— home of ten-gallon hats, J.R. Ewing and Big Ron Coleman. After completely dominating the sport of pro bodybuilding for eight years, Ronnie is on top again, riding high with the success of his new supplement line and touring the country. Find out more in “On the Road Again: Eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman Tours and Trains Across the USA.



Dallas McCarver: History at 21!

Tennessee’s Dallas McCarver was a complete unknown when he won the Super Heavyweight and Overall titles at the IFBB North American in Cleveland, Ohio at just 21 years old. This made him the youngest Overall Winner of a national contest who turned pro in NPC history, and it also points to his enormous untapped potential. Get to know the newest IFBB Pro and the newest member of Team MD in “History at 21: Dallas McCarver Is the Youngest Overall Champ Ever.”



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