Written by Steve Blechman
19 December 2012


Dexter Jackson has signed a new exclusive contract with Muscular Development Magazine





Dexter “The Blade” Jackson Re-signs with MD!

By Steve Blechman

Dexter Jackson joins Muscular DevelopmentI am proud to announce that Dexter Jackson has signed a new exclusive contract with MD.


According to Dexter, “This is a true honor; MD has established itself as the industry leader. I am so proud and grateful to be a part of Team MD, the best hardcore bodybuilding magazine and website in the world, with the best athletes and writers in the business! I can’t thank Steve enough for re-signing me here at MD and having his support.”


Dexter Jackson has proven, time and time again, why he is considered one of the greatest bodybuilders in sports history. A career that spans 61 contests with 15 wins including the 2008 Mr. Olympia and 3 Arnold Classic Championships (2005, 2006, and 2008).


On December 8th, 2012 Dexter Jackson won the Masters Olympia in probably his best shape ever. The 43 – year-old becomes the first man to win a Mr. Olympia and a Masters Olympia title! According to Peter McGough “I can’t think of any other bodybuilder who has produced his best form at such a mature age and after more than a decade of contest action under his training belt. Always the possessor of great symmetry and balance, the current version of The Blade seems fuller than ever, which causes his skin to be stretched to maximum force, revealing even deeper and more dramatic cuts.”


Dexter’s next competition is the 2013 Arnold Classic on March 2nd. Dexter is the favorite going into the show. If he is successful and wins his 4th Arnold, he will tie all-time great Flex Wheeler.


Stay tuned for photo spreads and videos with Dexter as he prepares for the Arnold in MD magazine and online.


Dexter says, “We are going to rock and roll and bring you great training videos on MDTV from Gold’s Gym Venice.”


Wishing you the best in your preparation and success at the Arnold! I am proud to have Dexter as part of our great MD Team of bodybuilders and Olympians such as Lee Haney, Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, and Jay Cutler.



Steve Blechman
Muscular Development


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