Written by & Produced by Dan Solomon
23 November 2015

The Popular PBW Show is Bodybuilding’s longest running multimedia production, with a loyal global audience of serious bodybuilding fans!

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When "Pro Bodybuilding Weekly" was launched on June 13th 2005, it became the first talk radio show devoted exclusively to the world of professional bodybuilding. Created and produced by MD's very own "Senior Features Editor" Dan Solomon, the show is now called "Pro Bodybuilding Worldwide", giving fans the opportunity to hear the hottest topics being discussed by the biggest names in bodybuilding! With the support of a loyal audience, bodybuilding's longest running multimedia production enters its 9th year on-the-air! The program recently joined forces with MD and Muscular Development to provide this award-winning content to the MD community! The show is also proud of its long standing alliances with the IFBB's Pro League and the NPC, the world's most influential bodybuilding organizations (For more info, visit www.ProBodybuildingRadio.com)

Show Fact: PBW Radio is the ONLY multimedia production that has the distinction of welcoming ALL 13 winners of the Mr. Olympia contest... including Schwarzenegger!

For information about the show, hosts, or advertising, send an email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.