Written by Flex Wheeler
21 November 2012

flex wheeler son darius

It’s Thanksgiving week, and Team MD’s Flex Wheeler has something to be thankful for – his family!

Flex’s son, Darius Flex Wheeler, just spent a very successful season as part of the State Championship Team, the San Jose Storm! This is only Darius’ second year playing contact football, and his first year as starting running back.

Like his dad, he is an all around good athlete. He also ran track this year, and was the third fastest in the Valley. The future is bright for Darius, that is for sure!

Flex’s company, AAEFX, sponsors the team, and could not be more proud of all the young men!

2012 San Jose Storm
Matthew Hanna
Bailey Manfredi
Roberto Maryorga
Carlos Cornejo
Mark Clemena
Oswaldo DeSantiago
Justin Urgo
Dante Stargiotti
Jorge Ramirez
Justin Reyes-Pachho
Conner Howery
Darius Wheeler
Sidney Aguilar
Ryan Grissom
Anthony Ponce
Tyler Garnica
Ramsess Pedraza
Marcus Mifsud
William Loera
Yacaxzto Daza
Dominic Tucci
Michael Holland
Noah Wright
Reymundo Santibanes
Spencer Graham
Frankie Pollesel
Kanoa Pagan
Oscar Sanchez
Frederick Pittman