Written by Louis "The Big Sexy" Uridel
25 September 2012

Road to the Excalibur: Training Blog #6

The Olympia Experience - The Big Sexy Way

BIG_SEXY_BLOG_6_ins1Bodybuilders, babes and free swag… Oh my! No matter what you are going to the Olympia for, one of the absolute must see events is the Olympia Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I have been going to the Olympia since 2002 and working as an athlete at the Expo since 2009. This will be my fourth year working at the Olympia and my first with FUSION Bodybuilding. As a spectator, you will have your senses overwhelmed by all of the athletes, photo ops, autographed pictures, bodybuilding attire, implements (wraps, straps, etc.), free supplement samples and free swag (giveaways) at various booths around the expo.

Here are a few tips I have for the casual Olympia Expo goer: 

1. Watch what you are sampling at booths. You might end up sampling one too many pre-workouts or energy drinks, and next thing you know you will be tweaking out in the middle of the expo floor.

2. One way to NOT endear yourself to Expo booth workers or athletes is to gather your free samples, free shirt, or whatever and without making eye-contact with the person who gave it to you saying “Is that it?” then moving quickly onto the next booth. I’ve seen these swag-hunters sweeping through the expo… there is an unwritten rule among the booths to ignore these people who can’t show you at least a common courtesy. Want to get free stuff? Or even stuff that no one else is getting? Engage the booth workers in a conversation, ask about the products, etc. You might not really care about it, but at least you will humor the booth worker who will appreciate your efforts and end up giving you something cool… if you’re lucky. I know I have given live product to such individuals before and even some special T-shirts that were being sold and not given away. 

3. Bring some sort of bag with you- a duffle bag for what you plan on buying or carrying around. Having giant plastic bags to carry around can and will get cumbersome. Also, do not set your swag bags down anywhere unless you can see them. Swag theft is a common occurrence at the Olympia Expo, usually by Swag Hunters, aka Barbarians. 

This year I will be dieting (getting ready for the Excalibur) at the Olympia Expo for the second year in a row. There will be more than a few athletes who are dieting. There will also be some athletes actually competing at the Olympia at the booths. Should you be lucky enough to see them, be a little patient with them… they have a lot on their minds. Offer some words of encouragement and positive thoughts. They don’t know you from left field, but they will appreciate it and it will go a long way. I know when I tell people I’m prepping (I will be 9 weeks out), every time I get a compliment or encouragement I feel reenergized. 

Should you be up for it, another treat of having the Olympia in Las Vegas is the after parties. Usually athletes like Jay Cutler will have after parties for after the Olympia Finals. Now, you can’t go wrong on a Saturday Night in Sin City. However, it isn’t hard to figure out where all the athletes and industry people will be heading. Don’t be afraid to ask some people if they have wristbands that you can have. Some companies have extras they give to people who buy a lot of product at their booths. Also, ask around to various people you know who are working at the Olympia for the 411 on the best parties to go to!

Now, if you want to get an autographed picture of myself, Louis “The Big Sexy” Uridel, stop by the FUSION Bodybuilding booth #586 back near the main stage in the Expo Hall. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you!

Until next week… Do Work, Stay Sexy and Stay Sucka Free!