Written by Dallas McCarver
30 November 2012

Hey MD!

carvermmSo, I just wanted to give you guys an update of what all is going on in my life. First off, it has been a truly unreal experience to turn pro so young and so quickly into my career. I see it as obviously a huge blessing, which I am truly thankful for and never take for granted. It has also brought a large deal of added pressure to prove that I belong on the pro stage. This has also turned into a positive experience, as I have noticed my training sessions becoming increasingly crazier along with my dedication to my diet even in the off-season.

All of that being said, I have finally decided on a show for my pro debut. I think it would be best for me to take close to a year off for some needed improvements, and hopefully hit the stage with a little force when I do! I plan to compete in the PBW Championships in Tampa, and hopefully the following weekend in Dallas for the Europa SuperShow. I think these are two shows that are far enough away that I will still have some time for improvement, but also make an appearance in 2013.

Now as for me and where I stand now, I am currently around 300-305 pounds. I am pleased with the condition I have been able to maintain at this weight. Eating insane amounts of food and gaining weight has never been a problem for me! As some of you know, I played college football. At that time I got as heavy as 320, but I was never in any kind of shape. I was just a large mass, much as a power lifter or strong man, I guess you could say.

As for the training, I haven’t really changed anything other than just really cranking up the intensity. I have always trained with a high weight, high volume, high intensity, just tear shit up kind of mentality, and that is really what I am sticking to. I am more of a believer in it is much harder to under eat than it is to over train! That, however, is another deep topic all in its self, which maybe I can address at another time. If you have any questions feel free to stop by my Q & A thread. Until next time guys….

Eat clean and train dirty,
Dallas McCarver