Written by Adam Silver
12 December 2012






Evan Centopani's Toughest Fan

Last month, Evan Centopani paid a visit to his toughest fan - an aspiring bodybuilder named Chris Slavin. What makes Chris so tough? He's battling everyday to overcome heart cancer. When this video was shot, Chris was waiting for a heart transplant and is basically just stuck in a hospital room waiting for a donor. He is a huge bodybuilding fan and especially a fan of Evan's. We surprised him at the hospital and the reaction was more then any of us could have expected. The kid was stunned and so genuinely happy.

Update from Chris two weeks after heart surgery:

Just thought I'd let you know that I had my heart surgery about two weeks ago and have been recovering ever since. Also everything went very well and things are for the first in awhile looking very bright right now. It is currently just a matter of waiting until I'm out of the hospital to get some more scans to truly show I am 100% cancer free but they say everything turned out better than expected and luck is on my side! Just thought I'd keep you you and the boys updated and hope your doing great!

Your Friend,