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In August 1997, IFBB Pro George Farah was shot three times in a robbery attempt, in downtown Rochester. Two shots in his back and one in his stomach, he bled profusely and had major internal injuries, which brought him near death 7 times. He was rushed to surgery to repair his kidney and bladder.  He had his lower spine fixed and half of his bowels removed. He ended up having his small intestine brought out to a pouch right above his right groin: an ileostomy. He  spent 5 weeks recovering in the intensive care unit; his weight went down from 200 to 130 lbs. He got discharged home 4 months later and what an ordeal: he had lost all his muscles, he could not walk and had an ileostomy bag full of stools to care for. He earned the name George "Bulletproof" Farah after his courage to never give up.
He pulled all his strength and stamina and decided to go back to the gym. Slowly and painfully he was able to regain some strength and muscles, and built his weight back to 180 lbs. In January 1998, He had surgery to reconnect his bowels and to get rid of the ileostomy.  Six months after his last surgery, He entered the NY state bodybuilding championship, weighing 169 lbs, and took the overall. Six weeks later, he competed at the 1999 Junior Nationals and took second in the middleweight class. He rested for a year and packed some muscles then entered the 2000 NPC Nationals and won the middle class, weighing 176 lbs and received his PRO card. He again took a year off to prepare for his pro debut, and packed 225 lbs before he started his contest preparation. He  competed at the 2002 Southwest Pro, weighing 204 lbs on stage, and placed third which qualified him for the Olympia. It was a dream coming true, long awaited and filled with pain, hard work and extreme determination.


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