Written by Bruce Kneller
08 April 2007

Last month, I discussed an amazing new prosteroid called Methyldienolone® (17a-methyl-17b-hydroxyestra-4,9(10)-3-one), which is the most potent prosteroid ever developed. I’ve been conducting a little experiment with this stuff and three guys— well, two guys and a gal (n = 3). I realize the more science-minded and statistically savvy of you will realize this study is not powerful enough to really prove (excuse me; ”show a high degree of correlation to”) anything. But the raw data speaks for itself. Let’s take a look at the progress our test subjects have made.


Test Subject #1

Test subject #1 is a 42-year-old, 6-foot-2 male physician with eight years of what he calls “serious training experience.” He has never used steroids or other illegal ergogens, although he had used a methylated prohormone (17a-methyl-4-androstenediol) for a couple of weeks before starting this new experiment with Methyldienolone®. As a physician, he has the luxury of running a variety of lab tests on himself to insure he’s not really damaging his liver/heart/kidneys or whatnot. Our doctor friend started taking one milligram of Methyldienolone® per day. Here are the results after 21 days:



Start on January 16

End on February

Body Weight

198 pounds

206 pounds

Fat-Free Mass

174.24 pounds

184.78 pounds

Body Fat

12.00 percent

10.30 percent

Right Arm (cold)

16.67 inches

17.25 inches

Chest (exhaled)

43.25 inches

45.34 inches


This is impressive for only three weeks’ worth of Methyldienolone® use at a small dose. Even more so, given the subject’s age. He managed to gain just over 10 pounds of lean body mass (that’s better than three pounds per week), while reducing his body fat percentage by almost two full percentile points. Important to note that this subject used no other supplements aside from a multivitamin during the three-week test. And the truly good news is that his ALT level (a test that measures liver function) only went up six points while he was using this supplement, denoting very low liver toxicity. He has this to say about his Methyldienolone® experience:

This stuff changed my appearance profoundly. My wife flat out accused me of using illegal steroids during the second week of this experiment. I can’t believe a food supplement can work as well as this stuff does!


Test Subject #2

Test subject #2 is a 34-year old female (that is correct— female) who has about 10 years of experience as a lower-level fitness competitor and beauty pageant contestant. She has a history positive for intermittent steroid use (most noticeably Deca Durabolin) and Cytomel, but has been “clean” for about 14 months. She elected to participate in this little three-week experiment because she wants to “get back into the fitness game.” Our would-be fitness queen is 5-foot-1. She started taking 1/4 milligram (yes, 0.25mg) of Methyldienolone® per day and here are the results after 21 days: 



Start on January 16

End on February 6

Body Weight

101 pounds

107.2 pounds

Fat Free Mass

82.11 pounds

92.91 pounds

Body Fat

18.70 percent

13.34 percent

Right Arm (cold)

12.75 inches

13.25  inches

Chest (exhaled)

32 inches (per bra size)

34 inches (per bra size)


Again, this is very impressive. This subject used a very small dose of Methyldienolone® and also managed to gain over 10 pounds of lean body mass while dropping an astonishing five percent+ body fat. My biggest concern for this subject was virilization, since she had experienced a minor case of such when using a small (50mg per week) amount of Deca Durabolin a few years ago. Methyldienolone® at this dose did not induce any clinical signs of clitoralmegaly (no you can’t ask me how I know this!) or further hoarsening of her voice. She has this to say about Methyldienolone®:

I wish Methyldienolone® was available when I first started out because this stuff is much better and safer than Deca. It gave me a very similar feeling to Deca. This includes the good feeling in my joints that Deca used to give me.  The only bad thing is the increased oily skin and acne, but I guess nothing is perfect. It’s hard to believe such a small dose of anything could work this well.


Test Subject #3

Test subject #3 is a 31-year old male bodybuilder who is competing on the state and regional levels. He has been training seriously for 12 years. He is 5-foot-8 and we put him on the maximal suggested dose of Methyldienolone® (three milligrams per day) to see what would happen. I have no way of positively verifying this man was not using other substances during the three weeks he used Methyldienolone®, but he claims he didn’t use anything. His results were very impressive, nonetheless:



Start on January 16

End on February 6

Body Weight

238.8 pounds

251.3 pounds

Fat Free Mass

217.78 pounds

234.46 pounds

Body Fat

8.20 percent

6.70 percent

Right Arm (cold)

18.75 inches

19.50  inches

Chest (exhaled)

46 inches 

48.5 inches 


This represents about a 17-pound increase in lean body mass in 21 days.  This is unheard of with any legal supplement— until now. The 0.75-inch increase in cold arm measurement is also mind boggling. At three milligrams per day, there were some mild side effects noted: slight headache (but no increase in blood pressure), acne along the upper back and the start of testicular atrophy. Even though the manufacturer for Methyldienolone® suggests dosing of one to three milligrams per day, my guess is most people will do just fine with one milligram per day and in doing so, will avoid most side effects.

He had this to say about Methyldienolone®:

Best supplement I have ever used. No question about it, this stuff works.  I am so sick of bullshit supplement companies selling boron and smilax that I was pretty skeptical. But man, this is the shit; I mean, this stuff is beyond prohormones. I fully intend to get more Methyldienolone® and incorporate it into both my bulking and pre-contest stacks. The bottom lined: The shit works.


Realistic Expectations

The fact that Methyldienolone® at low doses (0.125mg to an absolute maximum of 0.25mg per day) seems safe for women really makes this supplement among the more useful, if not most useful, of the prosteroids being sold today. People, the facts here speak for themselves. The average user of Methyldienolone® can realistically expect to gain a solid 10 pounds of lean body mass while losing a few ticks off the body fat scale in under a month.  If this doesn’t impress you, then I have no idea what will.

Currently, Methyldienolone® is being sold by Kilosports, Gaspari Nutrition, Legal Gear and Designer Labs. My guess is that in the near future you will be seeing many other companies jumping on the Methyldienolone® bandwagon with their own versions of it. Expect to pay $69.99 for a 90-day supply of Methyldienolone® (90 caps of 1mg each). At under 80 cents per day, this surely makes Methyldienolone® one of the most cost-effective ways to increase muscle mass and lose fat.


In the Pipeline…

There are a couple of other cool prosteroids in the pipeline that you will hear about very soon. I don’t think any of them have the potential to unseat Methyldienolone® as “top dog in the prosteroid world,” but they do have some pretty cool potential to augment Methyldienolone® in a stack. You’ve already heard about 17a-methyl-1-testosterone, 17a-methyl-4-androstenediol in my last column. Let’s introduce you to a few more of the “next generation.”

The first one is called M1,4AD which is an acronym for 17a-methyl-1,4-androstadiendiol. This is essentially the same chemical as Dianabol (methandrostenolone) and is, in fact, a prohormone to Dianabol. The only difference between M1,4AD and Dbol is that Dbol has a keto functional group off carbon #3 while M1,4AD has a hydroxyl group. This hydroxyl group gets enzymatically cleaved from carbon #3 in vivo (in the lab) through the 3-HBSD enzyme system and viola! Dbol! M1,4AD use yields results similar to Dbol, so if you like Dbol, you will like this. But the real downside to it is that it will aromatize to a very potent methylated estrogen, which tends to have a long half life (which is why Dbol is known for causing serious bloat and nut shrinkage). 

M1,4AD probably is not “as bad” side effect-wise as Dbol since (and this is an estimate) only five to 15 percent of it gets converted to active Dbol in the body; of that percentage, an ever smaller amount aromatizes to 17a-methyl-estradiol (which is one nasty-ass estrogen). Still, it only takes a little estrogen (especially a potent one like 17a-methyl-estradiol) to cause lots of bad side effects. I’d suggest (strongly) using some sort of estrogen control chemical (legal or otherwise) if you plan on using M1,4AD. The chemical diagrams of each compound (Dbol and M1,4AD are shown below).


Dianabol (methandrostenelone)









The next item I want to discuss is a pretty cool one. I’ve been harping on the “17a-methylated” stuff and some people are freaked out by it due to the (alleged and never conclusively proven) liver toxicity. If you fall into this category, I have something cool for you, too.

A long time ago, a company named Parke-Davis (they have since merged and remerged with other American drug companies) sold a product called Anabolicum Vister. This stuff was also known as “quinbolone” or “boldenone-1-cyclopenten-1-yloxy ether.” This steroid never caught on in the states because the dosage units that Parke-Davis made were small and the cost of the product was very high. But those who could afford to use it in a sufficient dose and did so, told me the effect was identical to using Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate). Anabolicum Vister was truly “oral Equipoise.”

 Too bad this stuff is not around anymore because for sure, with the knowledge about steroids we have available today, this would be very popular.  Well, as luck would have it, I know of one company that is making a very close cousin to boldenone-1-cyclopenten-1-yloxy ether they call boldenol-1-cyclopenten-1-yloxy ether. What’s the difference? Not a heck of a lot. Check out the diagrams of each of them:



boldenone-1-cyclopenten-1-yloxy (aka Quinbolone)




boldenol-1-cyclopenten-1-yloxy ether



As you can see, the sole difference is once again the substitution of a hydroxyl functional group for a keto functional group at carbon # 3. Not a huge difference. Thus, this new “boldenol ether” is going to be very similar to oral Equipoise, imparting much of the same effects of Equipoise without the use of a needle. My guess is you’ll need 100-200 milligrams per day of this stuff, which puts it on a par with some of the other ether prohormones. Look for this one to hit the market very soon.