Written by Dave Palumbo
05 October 2006
 I have a friend who's preparing for a show and was told that a product called yohimbine would help him lose fat. Neither of us had ever heard of this product before. Do you know anything about this? How does it work? What's the best way to take it and at what doses? He was also told it can cause water retention, so when would be the best time to stop it before his show?

Yohimbine is what's known as an alpha-2 blocking agent. What this means is that in tissues that contain high levels of alpha-2 receptors, yohimbine will block the receptor and thus allow high levels of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine to be liberated from the nerve endings. In blood vessels (especially those found in the genital region), yohimbine causes smooth muscle to dilate, thus facilitating an increase in blood flow. Prior to the development of Viagra and Cialis, yohimbine was used for increasing the frequency of erections in men (due to this vasodilatory effect).

            More interesting, however, is the fact that estrogen-dependent fat cells found in the hips, thighs and buttocks region of women seem to have very high populations of alpha-2 receptors. When these alpha-2 receptors are blocked using yohimbine, the resulting increase in norepinephrine seems to mobilize fatty acids within the fatty lower body tissue. Several years ago, Dan Duchaine first postulated the use of yohimbine for mobilizing lower body fat tissue in pre-menopausal women. While his initial theory was to inject the yohimbine directly into the fatty tissue, later he hypothesized that orally ingested yohimbine should be somewhat effective, as well. Recommended dosages in the range of 15-30 milligrams per day (in divided dosages) should be effective against these stubborn lower body fat deposits.

            Yohimbine has a rather notorious reputation for causing edema (water retention). This fluid retention can be best explained by the stimulatory effect yohimbine has on the posterior pituitary gland- specifically Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH).  ADH instructs the kidney's tubules to reabsorb additional water; therefore, it would probably be a good idea to stop the use of yohimbine at least 10 days prior to a contest. 

            Another interesting effect of ADH is to increase the output of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), which in turn will stimulate the thyroid gland to increase its output of thyroid hormone. This little-known fact can be an additional reason the fat-burning machinery is dramatically increased in individuals who regularly use yohimbine supplements.


 Dave, I love your column; it's very informative. I'm doing a show and all I can get my hands on are 100 tabs of Anadrol (75 milligrams), 100 Anavar (five milligrams) and 100 Winstrol (10 milligrams). The show is not for 16 weeks. How can I use this "gear" so I can stay big and hard?

            The following cycle would be the most prudent way to utilize the above-mentioned oral anabolics. This strategy takes advantage of using the highly androgenic compound (Anadrol) earlier in the diet and then tapering its use so any subcutaneous water retention will dissipate. Next, the highly anabolic compounds (Anavar and Winstrol) are added in and gradually pyramided up in dosage until the highest amounts are reached the week of the contest. Anavar and Winstrol cause no significant fluid retention; therefore, the dosages remain high right up till the day of the show.

    Weeks 1-4:  1 Anadrol (75mg) per day

    Weeks 5-8:  2 Anadrol (150mg) per day and 1 Anavar (5mg) per day

    Weeks 9-12:  1/2 Anadrol (37.5mg) per day and 1 Anavar (5mg) per day and

                             1 Winstrol (10mg)

    Weeks 13-15:  2 Anavar (10mg) per day and 2 Winstrol (20mg) per day

    Week 16:  3 Anavar (15mg) per day and 3 Winstrol (30mg) per day


            Dave, I know you've been asked this many times before, but what exactly is Synthol and how does it work? Are there any long-term side effects we should be aware of? Finally, are there any new developments with regard to site injection products?

            Synthol is really a fancy term for injectable anabolic steroids, minus the actual drugs. In other words, Synthol is the oil portion of the injectable steroid.  Bodybuilders use Synthol to help volumize (fill up) the muscle cells. This volumization serves two purposes: 1) It makes the muscle appear fuller and rounder from a cosmetic standpoint. 2) It helps stretch out the muscle fascia (the sheath that surrounds the muscle) so that ultimately, the muscle will be able to expand at a faster rate

Note: One theory of muscle growth hypothesizes that it's the fascia of the muscle that limits how fast that muscle will grow. In other words, the faster one can stretch the fascial sheath that surrounds each muscle- something Synthol does very well- the greater the ease with which the muscle cells can expand and thus, grow.

As far as the long-term safety of Synthol is concerned, one must realize Synthol is primarily comprised of medium chain triglycerides (MCT). From a biochemistry standpoint, MCTs are fats that burn at a faster rate than do carbohydrates. These MCTs travel from the bloodstream, through the muscle-cell membrane, into the cytoplasm, and ultimately, into the muscle cell mitochondria where they are oxidized for energy.  All this is done without requiring a single fatty acid transporter (as do other long chain fats). Therefore, when Synthol is injected into a muscle group, it will ultimately be metabolized as quickly and efficiently as if it were orally consumed.

            While there are numerous companies selling site injection oils (Synthol) today, most are imperfect knockoffs of the original Chris Clark formula.  Bioimplamed is a new company out of Belgium that has purchased all the rights to Chris Clark's original Synthosizze HP Pump n Pose product. The scientists at Bioimplamed have tweaked Clark's old formula, thus "perfecting it" (in their words). The new formula, which bears the name MyoBioLift, combines the innovation of Chris Clark's original invention with the highest standards of safety and hygiene that only a research laboratory can provide.

            In future columns I will keep you updated on all the new innovations, extensive scientific research being conducted and sources where you can legally purchase MyoBioLift- the new generation of site injection oil.


            I am a 43-year-old man diagnosed with Hepatitis C some years ago. I am not a bodybuilder, but I do lift weights on a regular basis. I tried a few cycles of prohormones with mixed results. I would like to try a short steroid cycle (six to eight weeks) that is not too harmful to my already damaged liver. Since I'm ignorant to all this, my question is what would you recommend for a beginner and what kind of a dosage will yield decent results? I am 5'8" and 170 pounds.

            Since you have Hepatitis C and your liver is not functioning at maximum capacity, I would like to see you take more "regenerative" performance-enhancing substances instead of the typical "toxic" ones. In other words, growth hormone (GH) taken at a dosage of two to four IU per day will not only build lean muscle tissue and mobilize stored body fat, it will also help to regenerate destroyed hepatic (liver) cells. This treatment will, in turn, help your liver become more proficient at detoxifying the body of waste products.  Likewise, it might make sense (since you're over the age of 40) to add in about 250-500 milligrams of some long-acting testosterone ester (such as testosterone enanthate) every seven to 10 days. Taken in this dosage, the testosterone should not place undo stress on the liver and will, in fact, help your body increase lean muscle mass, while also giving you a general feeling of well being.

How can I get access to the vast array of articles you've written for MD?

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