Written by Team MD
29 July 2015


Whey Protein Accelerates Fat Loss



protein-fatlossWhey protein supplements, consumed in a shake or mixed with foods, is a great way to decrease appetite and cut fat. Whey protein supplements are great fat-fighters because they are high in branched-chain amino acids (BCCA). The liver turns amino acids into blood sugar, which prevents hunger and makes you feel full. Whey acts like tiny timed-release blood sugar pills that prevent overeating during and between meals.

 Whey protein (100 grams) contains about 24 grams of BCAAs, which are linked with improved blood sugar regulation and fullness. The high BCAA content of whey protein makes it superior for fat loss, compared to other proteins such as chicken or beef.

 In the journal of Nutrition Research, scientists reported that whey protein can help reduce belly fat, compared to other protein sources. Whey protein also increases muscle blood flow, which lowers blood pressure. Some people with moderate hypertension can lower blood pressure by eating whey protein, without taking medications.

 Whey protein is a great way to boost muscle blood flow during weight training. It appears that whey protein gives a two-in-one punch- it delivers a high source of branched-chain amino acids, and it also opens blood vessels so that the amino acids get into muscles.

 Whey protein modulates several hormones that are conducive to weight loss. Whey protein stimulates chemicals in the gut that turns off hunger and promotes the feeling of fullness. Whey also turns on chemical pathways in muscle that promote protein synthesis. Most people lose muscle mass as they lose weight, and whey protein prevents this.

 Whey protein may be the perfect fat-loss supplement when dieting for an important event or for targeting fat loss while maintaining lean muscle. Since whey is nutrient-dense but relatively low in energy (~4 kcal/gram), supplementation is an efficient method to promote skeletal muscle growth while promoting decreases in fat cell size. Whey protein also reduces belly and leg fat, compared to other proteins.

Whey protein is not a magic bullet that causes instant weight loss. It reduces appetite, increases the feeling of fullness, and helps maintain muscle mass during dieting. It is an important and effective component of a weight loss program.


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