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14 November 2023










Akim Williams

The Brooklyn Beast Will Be Back in 2024!


By Ron Harris


When I use the word “underrated” to describe a bodybuilder, it doesn’t always mean simply that the man hasn’t received the contest placings he may have deserved at times. I also use it in the sense of underappreciated, so I’d like to take this chance to salute MuscleMeds athlete Akim “The Brooklyn Beast” Williams. In an age where it’s common to see pros make only sporadic appearances on the contest stage and skip entire seasons, Akim has competed in a staggering 31 pro shows since his debut in the spring of 2014. That’s not the only reason he warrants an extra level of respect.


The Man Who Won’t Quit, or Even Complain


A couple of weeks into his prep for the 2021 Arnold Classic, Akim came down with COVID and lost considerable size as he was unable to either eat more than a few bites of food a day or train. Rather than bail on the show, he fulfilled his commitment and resumed prep, landing in fifth place at what was understandably not as good as the physique that had placed sixth at the Mr. Olympia the year before. But as Akim’s fans know, once he says he’s doing a show, he does it. And he still managed to take ninth at the Mr. Olympia two weeks later (this was that wacky pandemic year when normal contest schedules were turned upside down).


In May of 2022 as Akim was starting his prep for the Tampa Pro, he was rear-ended in a devastating car accident that totaled his prized BMW and gave him excruciating lower back and neck pain that made back training a monumental challenge. Not only did Akim persist and tough his way through it all, but he also won that Tampa Pro, defeating a deadly Kamal Elgargni, a 212 Olympia champion who had filled out to make his Open debut. What none of us knew because Williams never broadcasts his injuries in whiny social media posts fishing for sympathy or making excuses is that he’d also incurred a serious shoulder injury in that crash.


“Rather than rely on the airbag, I locked my arms in front of me on the steering wheel just before impact,” he shares. “The labrum inside my right shoulder tore right there.”

556488208-screen-shot-2023-11-07-at-12-26-24-pmFinally, Time for a Break


In a couple of interviews I’d done with Akim since the accident, he never even mentioned the shoulder pain he was dealing with every day in the gym. He had pressed on and competed at the Mr. Olympia, failing to make the top 15 for the first time in that prestigious event. Anyone else would have stepped back and regrouped for at least a few months at that point, but Akim had been invited to the Arnold Classic taking place less than three months later and accepted, and he is a man of his word. There he placed sixth out of a 10-man field, beating two-time Arnold champ William Bonac, Justin Rodriguez, Kamal Elgargni, and Patrick Moore as Samson Dauda won the show.


“After the Arnold was finished, I was going to keep pushing and do the New York Pro to try and qualify for the 2023 Mr. Olympia,” he tells us. The shoulder pain was only getting worse, and that’s when an MRI showed the labrum was in fact fully torn along with a partial biceps tear. “I said to myself, since I turned pro in 2013, I’ve never taken any time off.” I’d say he was long overdue! “It was the perfect time to have the surgery and repair my shoulder, let my body heal, and come back strong in 2024.”


The Road to Recovery


The surgery was a success, and as he began the rehab process, Akim admits that he struggled with doubts. “You’re used to seeing yourself look a certain way and feeling indestructible, especially the weights you used to lift. You wonder, will I ever be able to do that again? Doctors aren’t very reassuring, because they are quick to tell you that you’ll never be 100% again.”


Of course, Williams didn’t accept that grim prognosis. He diligently commenced with physical therapy and also had a little extra help in the form of the MuscleMeds product Stemtropin, formulated to accelerate healing and recovery. Stem cell treatments have been all the rage in top bodybuilding circles recently, with superstars like Ronnie Coleman and Flex Lewis receiving treatments to accelerate healing and recovery from injuries and surgeries.


“Recovery is so often overlooked in our sport,” notes Akim. “If you don’t recover properly, there’s no way you can possibly look and feel your best.” He takes two capsules before every workout. Akim has also come to realize that since he already built so much mass over years of extremely heavy training, he doesn’t need to use quite as much weight anymore.

556488185-img 0345-adjThe Brooklyn Beast Returns in 2024


Because time truly does fly in bodybuilding, Akim already has to start planning out his 2024 season. As of now, he wants to be onstage next March in Columbus for what would be his fifth Arnold Classic, and hopefully as the winner. “I feel in my heart that I have what it takes to win,” he explains. He recognizes that he’s no spring chicken in the game with a full 10 seasons as a pro under his belt, but there’s still a little “gas left in the tank.” Along with the Arnold, there is still one more title he wants before he walks away from the stage: the New York Pro. Akim has competed there four times and came within a hair of winning it in 2019 but ultimately was runner-up to Juan Morel. “Let’s just say it’s on my bucket list,” he says.


Akim has the full support of not only legions of loyal fans around the world but also MuscleMeds, the only company he’s ever been under contract to and who he now has been part of since 2015. Recently he has trained with and offered posing help to fellow MuscleMeds athlete Robert “NDO Champ” Wilmote, who we profiled here in MD. Williams assured me that the over-the-top character we see on his YouTube channel and IG is not an act – that’s the real Robert.


“He’s such an intense guy with unbelievable energy and passion,” Akim says. “You might be tired or whatever, but you can’t help but get pumped up working out with that guy!”


As we speak, Akim is healed up, rested and refreshed, and already back working hard in the gym for the 2024 season. He recognizes that there’s been a major influx of new talent in the last couple of years, but he’s confident that he can not only remain relevant and hold his own but come out on top. “I still have my mass, my lines and shape, my small waist, the things that have taken me this far in the sport – so I’m not afraid to stand next to anyone.”

 mm tra

Akim’s MuscleMeds® Stack


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Pro Record


2014 New York Pro - 11th Place

2014 Chicago Pro - Fifth Place

2014 Golden State Pro - Seventh Place

2015 Chicago Pro - Third Place

2015 Tampa Pro - Eighth Place

2015 Europa Dallas - Third Place

2016 Chicago Pro - Sixth Place

2016 Tampa Pro - Winner

2016 Arnold Classic Asia - Ninth Place

2016 Kuwait Pro - 10th Place

2016 Mr. Olympia – 15th Place

2017 New York Pro - Fifth Place

2017 California Pro - Fifth Place

2018 New York Pro - 10th Place

2018 Toronto Pro - Second Place

2018 Muscle Mayhem Kansas Pro - Second Place

2019 Arnold Classic - Ninth Place

2019 Arnold Classic South America - Third Place

2019 Indy Pro - Second Place

2019 New York Pro - Second Place

2019 Bigman Weekend Pro - Second Place

2019 Mr. Olympia - Ninth Place

2020 Arnold Classic      - Seventh Place

2020 Chicago Pro - Winner

2020 Mr. Olympia - Sixth Place

2021 Puerto Rico Pro - Winner

2021 Arnold Classic - Fifth Place

2021 Mr. Olympia - Ninth Place

2022 Tampa Pro - Winner

2022 Mr. Olympia - Did not Place

2023 Arnold Classic - Sixth Place


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