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20 June 2023







Interview With Kenny Omega

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‘Desire is so important. If you have enough desire, at least you will have what you need to advance and excel at anything you choose, whether that be wrestling, boxing, or in my case, competitive bodybuilding.’ -Kai Greene


Kai Greene sat down with fellow Redcon1 athlete Kenny Omega for an honest and thought-provoking interview that delves deep into his psyche and motivations. Here are some highlights.


Q: You were a recurring character on the highest-rated Netflix show of all time, “Stranger Things.” What was that like?


A:That was a really big opportunity for me and an experience I will never forget. I’m always hoping they bring my character back!


Q: How critical do you feel genetics are as a predictor of success?


A:A lot of people will talk forever about genetics, but far less conversation has been devoted to the concept of desire. Desire is so important. If you have enough desire, at least you will have what you need to advance and excel at anything you choose, whether that be wrestling, boxing, or in my case, competitive bodybuilding. There were times in my life when I didn’t understand what the strategic components would need to be to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and challenges, the component of desire was always there. That allowed me to do what I could, as long as I could, until I could afford to get to a place where I could do better. Someone could be working with less insight, but more passion, commitment, and desire; those components helped me endure long enough and put enough work on the table to eventually develop that strategy that was needed. Because I was really committed to being better, ultimately I found myself in the right situations and with the ability to use my own power to control what I could control in my situation to create more of the things I needed to help me advance. Sometimes having enough desire is all you need to see you through.


Q: You seem to have always approached bodybuilding as an art form, and the human body as a piece of art. What would you like to give back or show, as an artist who is also an elite bodybuilder? What does it all mean to you?


A:I’m aware that some people would say that’s reading too much into bodybuilding and overanalyzing it. To me it shows a respect for the thing someone is willing to invest their time and effort into. Making more out of something than needs to be made shows a degree of respect and appreciation that other people may not be able to see. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Because you believe it exists, you’re able to create something no one ever has before. True commitment to your craft allows you to manifest that vision you have in your mind into reality, in our case, a reality made of flesh and blood.


Q: Speaking of vision, where do you draw your inspiration, whether it be when creating a posing routine or a work of art that starts with a blank canvas? Is it typically something you’ve been thinking about for a while, or does it pop into your head, and you feel compelled to get it out and work on it right then and there?


A:Honestly, I think of myself as a storehouse of potential, and everything I do is an opportunity to express this limitless potential. So, when I walk into a room or a new situation and I’m nervous, thinking, I can’t do this, I got a big scar on my face, I’m too short, my nose is too big, I stop myself and say, wait a minute. Those thoughts need to be put down someplace where they can’t be seen or heard, so that I can now step up and tap into those other things that are now available to me because I’m not being held back by the nonsense I’ve downloaded and processed over the years that doesn’t speak to my larger credit, and stands in the way of me being in command and in touch with more opportunities than I would otherwise be if I allowed myself to be shackled by those negative, limiting beliefs. I see myself as having limitless possibilities, and sometimes I’m able to capture that and manifest it in something I’m able to produce. I am the most free, creative, and productive when I get out of my own way instead of worrying that I’ve never done something before and doubting myself and my capabilities. That’s when I am most effective.


Q: Did you ever wake up one day and think, you know, I want that “normal” life people are told to strive for with a wife, two kids, a dog, and a white picket fence, instead of the life you live as a bodybuilding champion, artist, and performer?


A:Maybe I thought that way when I was a kid, because I watched a lot of TV. TV was often my babysitter, and in fact I could tell time by what shows were on. Real life has revealed to me that what I saw portrayed as the ideal life wasn’t necessarily how I should be looking at things. At the end of my life, I don’t think I would judge the success or quality of my life by those standards and ideas I had as a kid. When I get to the end of my life and look back at the things I needed to do that I was happy to get done, if I can say I was able to become the example and say honestly in my heart of hearts that I was able to embody the example of getting out of my own way and pursuing my passions to the fullest, I can be satisfied. I believe there are still larger successes possible for me, and that it’s my responsibility to step boldly and command strongly, to believe with every fiber of my being that I can and that I am supposed to seize all the opportunities in my life.


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