Written by Marc Lobliner
14 October 2022



Steroids WILL Kill You


                            By Marc Lobliner, CMO Tigerfitness.com


Mess up and overdose on an insulin shot, you go hypoglycemic and you die.


Mess up and overdose on DNP (fat-loss drug that’s also a insecticide) and you die.


Mess up and overdose on anabolic steroids … we don’t even know what an acute overdose is and if you did take a lot, like a gram of testosterone, nothing happens except maybe an abscess from the injection.


While diuretics, some fat burners and insulin will kill you on site, steroids don’t. In fact, I don’t believe there has even been an acute death from anabolic steroids. Steroids, based on this thought process, are safe and effective. UP THE DOSE, BRO! Right? Unfortunately, no.


While the killers listed above kill you like a shotgun bullet to the heart, steroids are like slowly poisoning someone by putting microdoses of mercury in someone’s breakfast oatmeal. It builds up until your body can’t handle it anymore and then boom, you die. It could be from a heart attack in your sleep or a training-induced cardiac event.


You might die prematurely. Best case, steroids will bring on “natural” causes of death like congenital heart and kidney issues.


“But bro, what Flex Wheeler has is genetic!”


Yeah, it is, but surely dieting to 4 percent body fat on trenbolone and then using diuretics to drop water didn’t help that, did it? Now, he is missing a leg.


Shawn Rhoden, John Meadows, Cedric McMillan, George Peterson: Heart attacks.


I’m not gonna lie, I’m scared as hell. I never went HARD on steroids, but I did a couple of cycles. I got lean, dry, hard and became known as the shredded guy.


Why am I scared? Steroids cause issues that lead to other issues. Some proven side effects of steroids:


• Liver hepatotoxicity from oral steroids

• High cholesterol and unhealthy lipid levels that can lead to heart issues

• Fertility issues

• High blood pressure, meaning MORE heart stress

   Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 11.00.38 AM        

And so many more. The body’s organs are like transmissions on cars. You might have one in a Toyota Corolla that will last 300k miles, which is rare, or one that goes 200k miles. But what if you drive like a jerk? Accelerating fast, never getting oil changes … that transmission will last way less, maybe 50k miles.


This is the body. The heart can only take so much. High blood pressure means more beats, more beats means more work … and that transmission will break down faster!


If you want to do steroids, have at it, just know the risks!


Let’s say you’ve done steroids and are going to continue doing steroids, or are coming off or just going on prescription HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) for anti-aging. What can you do to mitigate the current and/or past damage from steroid use?


1. Lose weight: Being overweight is a stress on the heart. If you walked around at a juiced 230 pounds, drop it to a healthy 200 pounds.


2. Take organ and health support. I recommend two things, Ambrosia Nektar and MTS Nutrition Ox Bile. Both are available at tigerfitness.com


3. Cardio is KEY! Keep weight training, but aim to get 10k+ steps per day!


4. Hydrate. Your kidneys need the cleansing. Aim for at least a gallon a day and don’t forget to get adequate electrolytes like potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium (MTS Nutrition NaturaLyte is a great option).


5. Injectable carnitine. Carnitine is not very orally bioavailable and rat models show that carnitine can help remodel the heart in rodent models. I think 200-600 milligrams a day is great. You can find this through anti-aging clinics and some online sites (DM me at @marclobliner on Instagram for some options).


6. Stop doing dumb stuff. Meaning, if you’re taking YOLO doses, you won’t live long. SLOW IT DOWN and optimize your training, diet and supplementation.


I want everyone to live. If you choose to take steroids or have taken them, we can’t erase the past but we can optimize the future.


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