Written by Team MD
07 July 2013

2013 Chicago Wings of Strength Results!


After Tricky Jackson's slip to eighth place in wings-tricky Toronto this year, not many had him down as the man to beat in Chicago, but that's exactly what he was. He showed up with a vastly improved physique, beating a very solid and shredded Guy Cisternino to take the win and the 2013 Olympia Qualification.

Bola Ojex took an impressive third place after not competing since this same show last year. Charles Ray Arde and Derik Farnsworth rounded out the top five. None of the top guys were out of condition, so just making the cut here was a feat in itself.

The disappointment of the event had to be Craig Richardson failing to make weight and having to switch to the open class. On paper, he appeared one of the front runners going in. Many were excited to see what he could bring to this division. For now, we'll have to wait to see if he's going to try again or just remain in the open. Team MD will be there when he makes his next move.


2013 Wings of Strength 212 Division Results:
1. Ricky "Tricky" Jackson
2. Gaetano Cistemino
3. Bola Ojex
4. Charles Ray Arde
5. Derik Farnsworth
6. John Sherman
7. Angel Rangel Vargas
8. Bryan Pazdzierz
9. Peter Foucaux
Shelby Starnes
Luis Santiago
James Darling
Rod Ketchens
Thomas Benagli
Chris Darby
Benjamin Parra



2013 Wings of Strength 212 Division Score Card