Written by Team MD
02 May 2013

Anth Bailes and Daz Ball

Delt Workout with Simon Fan Part I

bodybuilder Anth Bailes and Daz Ball workoutHotbodz Clothing presents coverage of the Mr. Europe Pro May 4, 2013

In this latest Euro-Muscle Scene smash-up vid, we bring you not one, but two of Britain's newest IFBB professionals - British Champion Anth Bailes and Arnold Classic super-heavyweight winner Daz Ball. Playing a cameo roll in the workout is British Grand Prix promoter and gym owner Simon Fan.

Simon and Anth - normally heavy duty, low set trainers, decide to try delts and traps the Daz Ball way and boy, do they suffer for it.

When this video was filmed, Ball was 27 days out from the Mr Europe pro THIS weekend.  As you will see he is already shredded, and many would say he is shredded ALL year round!

Currently Ball is the super-heavyweight British Champion.  He earned his pro card in Columbus, Ohio at the after taking the SHW title in the Arnold Amateur.



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