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25 October 2012



Can Shawn Rhoden capture his fifth win in 2012?

October 27, 2012


Last week bodybuilding fans around the globe were wondering if Shawn Rhoden could pull off a fourth victory in 2012. That question was answered with a resound yes, and Rhoden not only won, but did so with perfect scores at both prejudging and finals in Manchester.


This week, Rhoden will face both Johnnie Jackson and Toney Freeman again, who placed second and third to him respectively. This week the question become whether or not Rhoden can continue to hold his contest condition for this long, or will it finally prove to be too difficult to maintain? Dennis Wolf is a name Rhoden didn’t have to compete against last week. Should he slip, Wolf would be the most likely to find his way to the top, as both Freeman and Jackson have had more time on the road. We’ve seen traveling get the best of Freeman before.

While the 212 line-up is small, the fans are in for a treat. The epic battle between Sami Al-Haddad and Flex Louis continues where it left off in Manchester. On paper, it would look like an easy victory for Lewis, as he walked away with a perfect score. But as anyone in attendance can tell you, it was almost too close to call. Neither can come in even the slightest bit off here and expect to win. Both have incredible structure and pleasing lines. It’s hard to find a flaw in either. The pressure to come in perfectly conditioned in on for both men.

The bikini winner from last week, Michelle Brannon, will be in Prague as well. The line-up she’s facing here will be much tougher, so it remains to be seen how she will fare against this group of girls including Justine Munro and Gemmalyn Crosby. Muro took second at the Houston Pro just a few weeks ago, against an extremely tough line-up of girls. She is more than likely the woman to beat here.

Stay tuned to MD all weekend for complete coverage of the action in Prague!

WHAT: 2012 IFBB EVL’s Prague Pro

WHERE: Prague, Czech Republic

WHEN: October 27

TIME: Pre-Judging 10:00AM/Finals 5:00 PM

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