Written by Steve Blechman
11 September 2019


Remember When Roelly Winklaar Invaded New York?


In 2010, Roelly Winklaar won the New York Pro. It was his first time in America and his first pro win. I knew before the show that he was going to win. Very few people knew of him, but I had seen his past photos and knew that he would be a superstar one day! He was a real freak! His trainer was a great gal who was referred to affectionately as “Grandma.” She was such a nice lady.


Shortly after Roelly’s win, I signed him to a MD contract, and celebrated that weekend in the Big Apple –What a great day we had! Roelly had a great time in Manhattan. New Yorkers were in awe of him as you can see in this video, which was shot and edited by my son Jordan. Everyone loved Roelly! We went to South Street Seaport, Greenwich Village, Chinatown, Central Park and Times Square.


While we were in Times Square we were spotted by the CNBC TV show Fast Money. They sent someone down from the studio to bring us up and interview Roelly. It was unreal!! It was one of the best MD video and photo shoots ever! Roelly was a lot of fun. Everyone had a great time!


What was amazing to me is that Roelly appealed to all people, from all walks of life, everyone loved him! He was a sight to be seen on the streets of New York. Afterwards, we went to the Old Homestead Steakhouse – one of my favorite NY steakhouses. Roelly loved the food! He said, “it was the best steak he ever ate!” It was a thrill to see him enjoy and eat two 22-ounce porter houses after a hard day’s work!!


This week,  Roelly competes in the Open Division on the Olympia Stage on Saturday, September 14th. He’s a lot bigger today than he was in 2010!


Looking forward to seeing him on stage and I wish him the very best.