Written by Steve Blechman
03 January 2013

Muscular Development is proud to announce that Peter McGough, Special Features Editor, has been promoted to Senior Editor of Muscular Development Magazine, starting January 1st.

According to Peter, “When I joined MD last April as Special Features Editor I quickly became impressed by the team that Steve Blechman had recruited and how his leadership empowered them with energy and enthusiasm. His progressive vision and willingness to invest in athletes, staff, technology and groundbreaking projects over the past few years has firmly established the MD online and print brands as number one in their field, and in 2013 we will pull even further ahead. It’s a blast and a privilege to work with the people who made this the dominant media operation in the industry so when Steve asked me to become Senior Editor of MD magazine it was a no-brainer and an honor. I have found Steve to be a true fan of bodybuilding with a passion similar to mine own. Being a fan means he never loses sight of those who the MD brand is dedicated to serve: Namely, fellow fans, to whom he has a deep commitment to deliver the full range of subject matter that will continue to improve their overall bodybuilding experience. With the expertise and drive within the team that Steve has assembled we promise you a helluva ride as we continue to enhance MD’s rep as Bodybuilding’s #1 Media Destination. That’s a promise.”

Peter’s promotion to Senior Editor of MD is the perfect opportunity for MD and its growth for the New Year.

Peter has a 40-year involvement in bodybuilding and has spent over 30 years in bodybuilding journalism. He is one of the world’s most renowned experts in the sport of bodybuilding and had developed close relationship with many of The Sports Top Stars and Olympians such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, and Jay Cutler. I first learned of Peter McGough in the late 80’s. He was a leading figure of bodybuilding in Britain at the time.

Peter joined Weider Publications in 1992 as FLEX Magazine’s Senior Writer. In 1997, he was appointed Editor-in-Chief of FLEX.

As Senior Editor, Peter will be working closely with myself overseeing the editorial planning for MD magazine. Additionally he will continue to attend bodybuilding shows and major events. Plus make major contribution online at MuscularDevelopment.com.

It’s with great confidence that I can rely on his insight and wisdom. As a bodybuilding historian, Peter’s expertise and reputation is second to none! It’s my goal to hire the best talent in the industry and assemble the best team. MD has the best team! I can assure you in 2013 MD will be better then ever!


- Steve Blechman, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief





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