Written by Team MD
05 September 2013

PBW Radio: THE KAI FACTOR! - Can an "IMPROVED" Kai Become #14?

The 2013 Olympia Preview Series - Part 1

13pbw-olympia1For the 9th straight year, PBW presents the "Olympia Preview Series" a 3 part expanded event preview provided courtesy of the MD Store.

This week, during Part One, we'll examine the impact that Kai Greene will have on the way the contest is judged. Last year, the defending champ was forced to stand along side Kai for a dangerous series of head to head comparisons.

Now, as Jay returns, The Kai Factor will create a new series of challenges as last year's runner-up looks to crash the "Phil & Jay" party and become the 14th man to win the title.

Presented by the MD Store, the 298th edition of PBW Radio will be available Monday at 8pm ET.
In YOUR opinion, If Kai manages to improve, is he the best bodybuilder on the planet?

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