13 January 2014

Flex Wheeler Named Vice President at Muscle Excellence

A New Position for a Bodybuildng Legend


Muscle Excellence Inc., operating under MEX Nutrition, is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Flex Wheeler, an IFBB Professional Bodybuilding Icon, as Vice President and Spokesperson.

As of January 1, 2014, Flex Wheeler will serve as a new Vice President and official spokesperson for Muscle Excellence Inc. and its MEX Nutrition brand. MEX will also launch Flex Wheeler’s Pro Line as a line of MEX Nutrition supplements that will be dedicated to athletes and will be a part of expos, seminars and informal meetings around the world. Flex Wheeler has extensive knowledge in the field of nutrition, bodybuilding and years of experience participating in the international IFBB Pro Bodybuilding League. He is a four time winner at the Arnold Classic, runner-up at Mr. Olympia, a Guinness Book of World Record Holder, a winner at many other IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Championships and considered an Icon in the bodybuilding industry. Muscle Excellence Inc. is a New York City-based manufacturer of sports and dietary supplements with international distribution in Poland and other European countries. Flex Wheeler’s professional experience and his world-wide recognition as a bodybuilding legend will add great depth to our line of products. It is an honor to have Flex Wheeler represent MEX Nutrition as a global brand.

Miroslaw Egner, founder and CEO of MEX Nutrition, stated, “We are happy to welcome Flex Wheeler aboard MEX Nutrition and very pleased that we have found a mutual agreement involving the future of MEX Nutrition. I am sure that we will have a strong partnership as Flex Wheeler is a legend of bodybuilding and I personally appreciate his business approach to the promotion of our successful brand internationally. I believe we will learn from each other and succeed by incorporating his professional experience and knowledge in nutritional supplementation to make our products even better than what they already are. Flex Wheeler’s commitment to MEX Nutrition motivates me to work harder than ever before.”



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