Written by Press Release
07 April 2015

APS Nutrition Signs IFBB Physique Pro Matt Christianer



The APS Nutrition meteoric climb up the ranks of America's top nutrition companies is being noticed by everyone.

 Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta based APS Nutrition is proud to announce the signing of their newest athlete to join their roster, IFBB Mens Physique Champion, Matt Christianer. Matt broke new ground in 2011 by becoming the IFBB's very first Mens Physique Professional by winning the overall at the 2011 Jr USA's in Charleston, South Carolina. Matt has gone on to win 3 IFBB Pro shows and grace the Olympia stage twice in his 3 years competing as a Pro.

 Since his amazing feat of becoming the first Mens Physique Pro, Matt has had a omnipresent face in the fitness community. The standard for look, presentation and charisma for Mens Physique was set with Matt winning the first IFBB Pro card. That standard garnered six fitness industry magazine covers and more than twenty print magazine appearances. This makes Matt one of the most recognizable faces in the IFBB Mens Physique Division. Things were not always so amazing for Matt. At the age of 17 he survived a near fatal car accident. He suffered a broken femur and pelvis in that accident. Beginning physical rehabilitation is how Matt really found the gym and then the stage and has excelled ever since.

 APS Nutrition brought Matt on to bring a crisp, bright shine to the growing brand. With a major role in a fitness industry movie to be released later this year, he looked for a sponsor with equal growth. APS Nutritions matched stellar growth in the nutrition market was one of the major deciding factors in Matt's decision to join APS. I am very proud of my sponsorship with APS. “If feels so great to partner with a company that is as committed as myself to the constant advancement of superior scientifically based sports nutrition supplements.”

APS is immovable in its commitment to researching, developing and manufacturing the worlds leading sports nutrition supplements, with an outright pledge to a single ethic: always give our customer more than they expect, with superior results-driven products, legendary support & appreciation. It is for this reason that APS products can now be found in over 1,000 US domestic retailers and more than 25 countries around the world, with company product flagships MESOMORPH®, and ISOMORPH® leading the way. Join forces with APS and become a part of the #APSNation today.