Written by Steve Blechman
16 August 2017


2017 Olympia Preview

Honoring the Industry Legends


The Mr. Olympia contest is weeks away as you read this Special 2017 Olympia Issue, with our exclusive preview of the Super Bowl of bodybuilding— an event where legends like Arnold, Sergio, Lee Haney, Dorian and Ronnie proved they were the best-built men on planet Earth. And we’re sure this year’s Mr. Olympia will be another great production by Robin Chang! Flex Wheeler is on the cover of this month’s MD not just because he is a legend of bodybuilding and we are honoring the best of the industry, but also because Flex is a making a return to the competitive stage this year, after a career of unparalleled success (winning 17 pro shows) and subsequent health issues. Flex has the heart and drive of a champion, and we salute those who have raised the bar way above the levels of ordinary human performance and achievement.

Bodybuilding has grown and expanded to include newer divisions in recent years that feature more diverse types of physiques. In MD’s exclusive “2017 Olympia Preview,” Shawn Ray and Ron Harris take a look at the front-runners who will be vying not only for the title of Mr. Olympia, but also the 212 and Classic Physique Olympia titles.

If you ask any fan of the sport which man could most accurately be called an “uncrowned Mr. Olympia,” many would say Flex Wheeler. With a physique that has been described as “perfect” and “flawless,” Flex was runner-up at the Mr. Olympia three times, won four Arnold Classic titles and won the Iron Man Pro five times. In “Flex Wheeler’s Classic Return!,” Flex tells MD why he’s making a comeback at this year’s Mr. Olympia, in the Classic Physique division— a fitting choice for a man whose look has been called “classic” by many.

Many icons have achieved superhuman feats, but not all of them set foot on a stage. The Costello brothers are one of the greatest success stories in the history of our industry. Their father was an enterprising entrepreneur who instilled in his sons a work ethic that all competitors and coaches know well: how to work hard. This month we present an MD exclusive: “Mike and Tony Costello: An American Success Story and Inspiration – How Two Brothers Took a Garage Business Into a Leading Fortune 500 Powerhouse.”

Flex Wheeler is among the bodybuilding legends who have inspired Breon Ansley, who epitomizes everything Classic Physique is supposed to be about: shape, symmetry, proportion and masterful presentation. Breon, who has also been influenced by Chris Cormier, Shawn Ray and Lee Labrada, tells MD that he’s “ready to be the face of Classic Physique, and its spokesperson to the world.” Learn more in “Neon Breon! Meet One of Classic Physique’s Brightest New Stars.”

Janet Layug is the most popular Bikini competitor in the IFBB, based on feedback from MD readers. Check out Janet in this month’s Major Distraction, “The People’s Choice – GAT’s Janet Layug: Always a Hot Contender at the Olympia.” This Florida-based beauty is hard at work as she makes another attempt at the top title in the sport, the Bikini Olympia in Las Vegas, and she has GAT in her corner. “I am so proud to be part of GAT Sport,” Janet told MD. “The products are manufactured with the most demanding quality control, so I always know I am getting the very best. That’s why I feel confident relying on them as I train for the upcoming Bikini Olympia. I’ve been runner-up twice, and with the help of GAT Sport, I hope to get the title this year!”

Muscular Development is your number one source for building muscle, and for the latest research and best science to enable you to train smart and effectively. Our team of physicians, industry experts and research scientists has these reports on improving performance this month:

- “Mr. Olympia Fat-Loss Stack” Fat Attack

- “The Optimum Anabolic Diet Nutrition Performance

- “Citrulline Malate for Pumps and Performance” Supplement Performance

- “The Arnold Era: HIT vs. Volume Training” Muscle Growth Update

- “Mr. Olympia Anabolic Stack: Beyond Steroids” Testosterone

- “Big Gut Dilemma: Is Insulin to Blame?” Bodybuilding Science

The rest of the book is packed to the binder as usual— making MD your one-stop, most authoritative source for optimizing muscular development with the latest cutting-edge research on training, nutrition, fat loss, performance-enhancing drugs, muscle growth and bodybuilding science— and exclusive information from the industry experts, insiders and bodybuilding legends who make it all happen. See you next month!

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