Written by Steve Blechman
25 September 2017


MD Introduces Kevin Levrone's New Weekly Show, 'How I See It'


I am proud to announce that Muscular Development and Kevin Levrone, IFBB Hall of Fame legend, four-time Mr. Olympia runner-up and two-time Arnold Classic champion, are teaming up to develop an original weekly show called “How I See It.” It will be co-hosted by Ron Harris, and sponsored by Kevin Levrone Signature Series.

Kevin’s new show is timely with the hopefully positive changes the bodybuilding industry will take to reshape bodybuilding. Hopefully, more streamlined physiques will be rewarded over raw mass and big guts. Bodybuilders have been told by Arnold to “suck in the guts” and “brush up on their posing, and present themselves with maximum muscularity, aesthetics, flowing, powerful lines and commanding presentation, bringing together the elements of a classic physique.”

The first show will air Tuesday, September 26th. Episode 1 will discuss “bubble guts,” arrogance on social media, Dallas McCarver’s passing, insulin and GH hormone abuse. Kevin will also discuss his upcoming plans to compete.

We at Muscular Development are very excited about this partnership because this show will be “no bull!” Kevin will deliver tough, hard-hitting content every week!

He will also inspire many. Kevin says of his new show, “No matter what people say, and what you might be up against, you can still overcome all obstacles if you believe.”

You don’t want to miss a beat!

Tune in on Tuesday, September 26th for “How I See It” with Kevin Levrone and co-hosted by Ron Harris right here on Muscular Development: Bodybuilding’s #1 Multimedia Destination.








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