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02 December 2019





Editor’s Letter

By Steve Blechman



The Future of King Kai Greene


Kai Greene is one of a kind, and one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world— with 5.3 million Instagram followers. He is one of the most entertaining and colorful competitors to emerge on the bodybuilding landscape in years. While it’s been almost four years since the five-time Arnold Classic champion (Ohio in 2008, 2009 and 2016, plus Australia and Brazil in 2016) and three-time runner-up at the Mr. Olympia has competed, Kai continues to amaze his fans.


While Kai remains legendary for hisastounding package of thick mass, muscle density, deep separation, unique muscle shapes and truly masterful posing presentation, he has grown and evolved into more than an athlete. Kai Greene represents the pinnacle of muscular as well as personal/professional development, and given all that he has accomplished, he more than deserves the cover of this month’s MD.


In the last few years, Kai has been keeping busy appearing in action films, co-starring in “Generation Iron,” appearing as a recurring character in “Stranger Things” on Netflix and recently completed a film in India. Kai is opening three Dynamik Gyms in India, where he’s known as The God of Fitness. Kai also has his own supplement line, Dynamik Muscle, is an artist who sketches his own graphic novel series, The Chronicles of King Kai and is launching Dynamik Muscle comics.


I first met Kai Greene 20 years ago when he was a teenager and just starting out in bodybuilding. I immediately knew he was going to be a superstar. Kai had such incredible genetic potential and a dynamic personality. He always had a great work ethic in the gym and trained hard, and always believed in the mind-body connection. I gave Kai an MD contract and really got to know him through the years, with some incredible memories.


I consider Kai Greene to be one of the great and uncrowned Mr. Olympias, in the same category as Flex Wheeler, and one of the best bodybuilders of all time. And Kai is probably the best entertainer/poser of all time. Kai sat down with MD’s Ron Harris for an exclusive interview and update in “KING KAI: Transcending Bodybuilding.”


2019 was the most interesting year bodybuilding has ever witnessed. Even before the summer was over, most of us were already at the point where every breaking news story had us shaking our heads as if to say, seriously? The hits just kept on coming. Some of the stories were positive, some were negative, and as always, some were simply sad as we lost some of our own. Read the most newsworthy stories of the year in “Top 10 Stories of 2019.”


There were some significant “bests” in bodybuilding this year. Dexter Jackson, at age 49, who just recently turned 50, gave the best middle finger to Father Time when he broke his own record of 28 pro wins with number 29 in Tampa, fending off a 270-pound British beast named Luke Sandoe. He also competed in his 20th Mr. Olympia contest, and placed in the top five for the 16th time. Best upset goes to Chris Bumstead, who beat Breon Ansley and won the Classic Physique division of the Mr. Olympia. Read Ron Harris’ year-end review in “The Best of 2019.”


Luke Sandoe has that rare blend of ideal structure, plenty of mass, and pleasing shape that simply doesn’t come around too often. The Redcon1 athlete has some of the best potential we’ve seen in years, to the point where Arnold Classic and even Mr. Olympia titles are certainly going to be within his reach sooner rather than later. When you have such massive, round muscles in the entire upper body as Luke does, the wheels need to be equally freaky. Learn how Luke trains his in “British Steel:Monster Leg Training With Luke Sandoe.”


Jordan Plantiko earned one of the first pro cards awarded for Classic Physique in 2016 at the Junior Nationals. Now with two pro wins at age 22, Plantiko’s future in Classic Physique looks stellar. We’re just seeing a glimpse of this young man’s full potential, and he’s been told he has the perfect look for Classic. Read more in “Jordan Plantiko: Generation Next!”


Every competitor knows the value of good supplementation to optimize the results of their training and present the best physique possible. But which supplements are best? This month, Muscular Development is proud to present the Hottest Supplements of 2019, which features proven winners in sports nutrition that will help you to build muscle, burn fat and increase performance. The supplements we are highlighting, which will also be featured online at musculardevelopment.com, come from trusted names in sports nutrition. These products can help take your training to elite levels, whether or not you ever step on stage.


Muscular Development is your number one source for building muscle, and for the latest research and best science to enable you to train smart and effectively. Our team of physicians, industry experts and research scientists has these reports on improving performance this month:


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The rest of the book is packed to the binder as usual— making MD your one-stop, most authoritative source for optimizing muscular development with the latest cutting-edge research on training, nutrition, fat loss, performance-enhancing drugs, muscle growth and bodybuilding science— and exclusive information from the industry experts, insiders and bodybuilding legends who make it all happen. See you next month!





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