Written by Steve Blechman
19 October 2020

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Editor’s Letter

By Steve Blechman


Valliere the Valiant: Perseverance Pays Off!


It’s been a roller-coaster year for everyone and bodybuilders in particular, but in the case of Canada’s Iain Valliere, it’s been a lesson in perseverance and the rewards of hard work as the former underdog won the 2020 New York Pro. Competing in and winning any bodybuilding contest is even more challenging when shows are canceled or rescheduled, as this throws a monkey wrench into contest prep. Iain’s commanding presence in the winner’s circle in Tampa this year is proof that he is not only an exceptional bodybuilder but a champion in many ways, and for that reason he’s on the cover of this month’s MD.


MD’s Ron Harris offers insight into how Iain made his New York Pro win happen with two interviews conducted with this ANS Performance athlete in Tampa: one the night before the contest, and one moments after he became the 2020 New York Pro champion. Learn more in “5 Weeks to Redemption! How Iain Valliere Won the New York Pro.”


With a dense, complete physique featuring thick pecs, melon delts and monster arms, Bo Lewis took a close second place to George “Da Bull” Peterson at this year’s Tampa Pro. Though George was the man most fans were waiting to see in the 212 class there, it was Bo who became the talk of the weekend. However, Bo came back for redemption at the New York Pro and won the 212 Division, sealing his spot at the Olympia and qualifying. Read more about this Blackstone Labs athlete in “Bo Knows Bodybuilding!Dectric ‘Bo’ Lewis Is Roaring Up the 212 Ranks.”


With Olympia Weekend almost here, MD continues our four-part series on George Peterson as this Redcon1 athlete makes his first run on the 212 Olympia title after three consecutive years placing third there in Classic Physique. George’s coach for over four years, Justin Miller, chronicles this journey exclusively for MD readers in George ‘Da Bull’ Peterson: Road to The Olympia, Part 3 – A Step Closer to Greatness.”


It was at the 2019 North American Championships that bodybuilding fans took notice of New Jersey’s Nick Walker, the young guy built eerily like ‘90s star Mike Francois: astonishingly thick, dense, round muscle mass packed onto a compact frame. Nick won this year’s IFBB North American at 5-foot-7 and 250 pounds, and is the first newly minted pro in years to make an immediate impact the first time he sets foot on a pro stage. This past weekend Nick placed 4th at the Chicago Pro in Atlanta, GA. He looked spectacular! It was a major accomplishment appearing in his first pro show. Nick has an incredible future ahead of him! Learn more about this RAW Nutrition athlete in “A New Mutant Rises! Meet New Pro Nick ‘The Mutant’ Walker.”


Some things in life are so magnificent that experiencing them once is simply not enough. Brazil’s Étila Santiago Santos is a prime example of the joys of taking in life’s finer pleasures the second time around. The statuesque and shapely Bikini champion is back by popular demand this month, and Étila has scored another pro win since her last appearance in Muscular Development. Ace physique photographer J.M. Manion has new and sizzling photos of Étila in MD’s Major Distraction.


We all have a vision in our heads of our own ideal physique. We also have plenty of excuses why we don’t look the way we wish we did. Excuses are like assholes – everyone’s got one. Ron Harris runs through some of the most common excuses and tears them apart so you can get on track toward making progress in “Crush Your Excuses! Eliminate the Top 6 and Get the Physique You’ve Always Wanted.”


Antoine Vaillant’s physique is one of those rare hybrids of mass, shape and proportion, with shoulders and quads that are particularly impressive. Yet few IFBB pros have been through the trials and tribulations that Antoine has. It took four separate stints in rehab and nearly being homeless to get clean for good, but he pulled himself out of that hellhole. At this year’s California Pro, Antoine was huge, shredded and dry. His posing routine was a spellbinding blend of hardcore and classical poses along with many poses that were 100 percent Antoine. Read the amazing story of this HD Muscle athlete in “From the Gutter to Sweet Victory: Antoine Vaillant Wins His First Pro Show.”


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