Written by Steve Blechman
18 March 2021

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Hadi Choopan: Persian Wolf On the Prowl


By Steve Blechman


Few bodybuilders in recent years have generated as much excitement and anticipation as Iran’s Hadi Choopan, aka The Persian Wolf. That Hadi is built like a tank, with a 5-foot-5 frame that’s packed with 220 pounds of dense, gnarly, dried-out muscle with some of the best quads and delts ever seen, is only part of the appeal of this soft-spoken family man. Hadi Choopan has overcome tremendous political obstacles to enter the USA and compete, and under the guidance of his esteemed coach Hany Rambod, has placed in the top four of the Mr. Olympia for the last two years. Hadi Choopan’s drive, determination and perseverance are the defining characteristics of a true champion, and we are honored to feature Hadi and his coach on the cover of this month’s MD.


Hadi Choopan already has an impressive competitive record, taking runner-up spots to veterans such as Flex Lewis, Cedric McMillan and Roelly Winklaar between 2016 and 2018. In 2019, Hadi placed third at the Mr. Olympia and was awarded The People’s Champion. Now Hadi Choopan is working hard every day toward his dream of becoming Mr. Olympia. Learn more in “Persian Wolf On the Prowl!Hadi Choopan Is on the Hunt for a Mr. Olympia Win.”


Seven-time Mr. Olympia champion Phil Heath has one of the most complete and aesthetically pleasing physiques in bodybuilding. A solid argument could be made that Phil also possesses the best and most complete arms in the game. Twenty-three inches in the off-season and just under 22 in contest condition, they have served him well in his battles against formidable foes such as Jay Cutler, Big Ramy, Shawn Rhoden and Dexter Jackson – all of them also Olympia winners. Phil Heath shares his arm-training workout and tips with MD readers in “Guns of the Gift!Phil Heath’s Arm Training Secrets.”


Think you know a lot about training? Not getting the results you’d like? Maybe you have been following the same old questionable advice for too long. Ron Harris sets the record straight and looks at some of the most popular training beliefs that are in fact based on nothing more than hearsay, poorly drawn conclusions, and incorrect information and assumptions in “7 Training Myths That Must Die -They Might Be Killing Your Gains!”


Redcon1 athlete Blessing Awodibu has never competed in a pro show and hasn’t competed at all since 2017. Yet he is more popular than many top pros, especially in mainstream social media. He has 1.6 million Instagram followers, and his YouTube channel has nearly 100 million views, thanks to his unique combination of huge muscles and an outrageous personality. Now, Blessing Awodibu is getting serious: he’s working with none other than Chad Nicholls, the man who took Ronnie Coleman to eight Mr. Olympia wins and most recently catapulted Big Ramy to that most prestigious of titles. Learn more in “A Blessing for 2021 - Blessing ‘The Boogieman’ Awodibu Is Finally Making His Pro Debut.”


Akim Williams has always been a beast, competing around 270 pounds with insanely huge arms and legs and a small waist. This MuscleMeds athlete has been making notable improvements in condition since joining forces with coach Oscar Ardon in 2018, showing deep cuts and crisp, dry striations. Since then, Akim earned four more runner-up spots and a win, and most recently broke the coveted top six at the Mr. Olympia. Akim spoke with MD about how he’s been able to be one of the few to break out of that second-tier status, and how he plans to continue to climb the ladder all the way to the top in “Akim Williams: Beast on the Rise!”


In just three brief seasons as a pro, Jennifer Dorie, an alluring young woman with trademark cascading jet-black curls and a sensational body, has already competed at three Bikini Olympias. Her spellbinding combination of beauty, toned muscle, and curves makes her a front-runner any time she takes the stage, and ace physique photographer J.M. Manion’s photos showcase Jennifer’s “Beauty, Toned Muscle and Curves.”          


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