Written by Ron Harris
10 February 2022

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Marc Lobliner

The Superman Behind Tiger Fitness!

By Ron Harris


We’re all familiar with pro bodybuilders throwing their hat into the supplement industry in hopes of success once their competitive days are over. But what about a top player in the world of sports supplements becoming a pro bodybuilder, at the age of 41 no less? That’s the story of Marc Lobliner, the man behind the online retail powerhouse Tiger Fitness.


Football Saved the Fat Kid


Bullied as a child for being overweight, Marc found refuge on the gridiron, eventually becoming one of the best players on his high school team. It was a desire to excel on the field that led him to weight training at age 14, which became not only a lifelong passion but led him to his career path in the fitness industry. Lobliner would go on to work for Weider Publications, launch Scivation, co-found Instone Nutrition with Sylvester Stallone, and become CMO of Tiger Fitness, CEO of MTS Nutrition, a partner of O15 Nutrition with Brandon Curry, Ambrosia Nutraceuticals, Iron Addicts Gym, and the creator of the delicious (I speak from experience) Outright Bar, sold everywhere from Walmart to GNC.


Marc Truly Is ‘The Machine’


Years ago when Marc was preparing for a bodybuilding contest while working 20 hours a day and with a newborn baby at home, a friend gave him the nickname, “The Machine.” It stuck because it was appropriate. This is a man who is never content to do just one thing. He has dabbled in competitive powerlifting and has also boxed in several charity matches in addition to fitness modeling. More recently, Marc has expanded his online coaching business to help others achieve all their personal fitness and physique goals. But wait, did I forget to mention he’s a devoted father of three and is the strength coach for their sports teams? And then, there’s his most recent achievement.


A Fitness Legend Turns IFBB Pro


Marc began competing in the NPC in 2006 and eventually turned professional in the NABBA organization. Eventually, inspired by the fierce competitive nature of his two sons and daughter in wrestling, he decided to go for a pro card in the toughest and most prestigious organization, the IFBB Pro League. He hired veteran 212 champion Jose Raymond and went to work. After placing third at the IFBB North American Championships in September, Marc brought an even more freakishly shredded package to Phoenix for the Masters USA in December. There, he won both the heavyweight division and beat out the other over-40 weight class winners for the coveted Overall title and pro card. “The best part was coming home to Tennessee and coaching my kids on Tuesday,” he shares. “They were so proud of me. I showed them that if you put your mind to something and work hard, you can accomplish it.” 


Though Marc has already announced he plans to put his pro card to use by entering the 212 division at the Chicago Pro in July, he has a much larger and more noble goal in mind. “I believe in using bodybuilding to make the world a healthier place,” he says. “I look at this pro card as a blessing, because it does give me more credibility to the mainstream public to have that attached to my name. My ultimate goal is to bring more people into the fitness industry which has done so much for me, and which can help so many people out there improve their health, and their lives.”



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