Written by Steve Blechman
19 December 2022

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212 Mr. Olympia Shaun Clarida: The Real Giant Killer!

By Steve Blechman


The biggest man on a bodybuilding stage doesn’t always win, and several pros earned the nickname “Giant Killer” because they beat larger men and delivered surprises on contest day. The first Giant Killer was Danny Padilla, who at 5-foot-2 and 170 pounds beat many larger men and placed fifth at the 1981 Mr. Olympia. The cover of this month’s MD highlights a modern-day Giant Killer, two-time 212 Mr. OlympiaShaun Clarida, who at 174 pounds won an Open show, the Legion Sports Fest. If Shaun isn’t a Giant Killer, who is?


“I knew how dedicated I was and how strong of a work ethic I had, and I knew what my goal was. I never stopped believing I would get there,” Shaun tells MD this month, reflecting on his rise to the highest level of competition.


Ron Harris spoke to the Mutant athlete about his training style and a new addition to his family in “Shaun Clarida: The Real Giant Killer!”

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2023 is a brand-new year and another chance to make positive changes. If you want to have a much better physique a year from now, the key lies in making a series of small adjustments or tweaks to your current program. There are so many areas in which you can make small but meaningful improvements, if you start now. Ron Harris tells you how in “23 Tweaks to Get Bigger and Harder for 2023!”


Many bodybuilders are hailed as “The Next Big Thing” or “Future Mr. Olympia,” but only some have what it takes to measure up. 25-year-old Russian VitaliyUgolnikov, who recently turned pro, seems destined to be one of them. Vitaliyalready has a lot of industry insiders talking about him, he’s popular internationally, and he has time on his side. “This guy is a freak and clearly at this young age has a strong natural ability to put on size. He’s in a very strong position right now,” Milos Sarcev noted. Giles “Tiger” Thomas takes a closer look in “Vitaliy ‘Good Vito’ Ugolnikov: The Next Big Thing.”


January is traditionally the month when millions of people decide to get in better shape, hit the gym more regularly and eye a sculpted set of six-pack abs as the grand prize of their New Year’s resolution. Of course it means getting back on the right path with proper nutrition first, but once that’s in place, John M. Di Fazio II provides a decisive plan of attack for the abdominal muscles and core muscles in the “Best Workout for Six-Pack Abs.”


Muscular Development is your number one source for building muscle, and for the latest research and best science to enable you to train smart and effectively. Our team of physicians, industry experts and research scientists has these reports on improving performance this month:


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The rest of the book is packed to the binder as usual – making MD your one-stop, most authoritative source for optimizing muscular development with the latest cutting-edge research on training, nutrition, fat loss, performance-enhancing drugs, muscle growth and bodybuilding science – and exclusive information from the industry experts, insiders and bodybuilding legends who make it all happen. See you next month! 


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