Written by Mike Salazar
12 February 2010
Out with the old and in with the new - so they say. Gustavo made a great impression at the 2009 Atlantic City Pro but failed to hold it together at the Olympia. Same with Melvin Anthony. Melvin was knocking on the Olympia door only to miss making top six last year.

Both are back this season looking to regain their dominance but I am afraid that for the both of them they have reached their peak and are slowly headed down that dreadful hill.

Let's see what this year brings for them and hopefully they can claw their way out of the hole, regain their footing and become the King of the Mountain again. If Branch and Jay can come back so then can Gustavo and Melvin.

(This story is based on the fact that neither Gustavo Badell nor Melvin Anthony are no longer on the MuscleTech's Team Page: http://www.muscletech.com/resources/athletes/