Written by Flex Wheeler
30 September 2006

This is how Swami Flex Wheeler saw it from the skybox at the Orleans Center:


All the hype and speculation is over, the curtain is drawn.  It's time to separate the alpha males from the rest of the pack.  Leading the pack was the King himself, Ronnie Coleman, reigning his majesty over the competition.  All eyes scanned the line of men filing onstage to see if a record was in the making.  They got their answer immediately.  Ronnie dominated from the moment he emerged from the shadows.  Ferocious is the only word that fits.  He promised to be bigger and he delivered.  His condition was crisp, too.  He's created a very wide chasm between himself and his rivals.



Victor, the V-Train, ran over everybody except for Ronnie looking very full and dry-as many had hoped.  His combination of excellent shape and size on that gifted frame pushed him right past Jay behind Ronnie. Jay Cutler looked very imposing at a heavier bodyweight than last year coupled with even better conditioning.  A lot of talk was generated given Jay's superlative condition leading up to the show, but like I said, the time for talk is over.  Jay looks great, but with Victor on, it's going to be a tough fight.    Dexter Jackson was diced and sliced as expected with a little more size than he displayed at the Arnold. 


To Recap

Ronnie dominated the house but not without Victor, Jay and Dexter fast on his heels. The fight for one through fourth is heated. Ronnie is hot as the Sun. Yet Victor stood his ground as strong as the earth. As for the rest of the guys there is no contest they are as cold as Pluto.





Melvin came in sharper hanging onto a top 5 spot.  Gustavo didn't come on as strong in the judging, but then this guy gets better the longer he's out there.  He looked great, but not enough to jostle the lineup-yet.  Branch Warren's freaky thickness and grainy condition kept him in the thick of things despite having a structure that is not as gifted as his contemporaries.  Will sheer will catapult him ahead of the others?


back_double_bicepHere's how the call outs fell.


Victor, Dexter, Jay, Ronnie


Melvin, Gustavo, Toney, Branch


Vince, Markus, Gunter, Dennis


Dexter, Melvin, Gustavo, Toney


Branch, Dennis, Markus, Johnnie


Paco, Darrem, Dave, Troy


Johnnie, Branch, Dennis, Troy


Dennis, Ronnie Rockel, Rodney, Bill, Mustapha


Victor,  Dexter, Melvin


Jay, Ronnie, Victor, Dexter, Melvin


I can't wait to see what Day Two brings.

Dave Palumbo's View:

I saw a completely different show.  I felt that the contest was between Ronnie and Jay; and to be honest, i felt that Jay might have edged out Ronnie for the night.  I had Victor, who was vastly improved, in third.  I agree with Flex in placing Dexter in 4th and Melvin in 5th.  Only time will tell what the future holds.  Tomorrow night will tell us whether Ronnie will make it 9 in a row or whether Jay become the new Mr. Olympia!