Written by Team MD
02 December 2016


Training Problems? Dallas McCarver Has The Answers



Change Things Up for Shoulder Growth

Hey Dallas, would you mind listing some of the tips and tricks you have learned for shoulder growth?

Sure, man. I feel like the best way to train any muscle is to constantly change it up a tad. While my shoulder routine may be pretty similar each week as far as the actual exercises, I make slight changes in the way I do them. For instance, one week I may go heavy and wide open on side raises, but the next week I may do them seated with lighter weight and more drop sets or even supersets. I think a huge part of it is just intensity. You have to push the muscle to failure and beyond, in order to stimulate maximum growth. Also don’t forget about upright rows, with both close and wider grips. I think many times, people leave these out, and they are a great tool on shoulder day!


Healthy Fats Build Strength and Energy

For some reason, I am stronger on days when I eat peanut butter and avocado. This also happens when I eat red meat. It’s the good fats that make me stronger, right? However, with the red meat, I’m not sure about something. I already take creatine as a supplement, so what is making me stronger when I eat red meat?

You pretty much answered your own question. It’s the energy from the fats in the red meat, but that’s not always the healthiest source of fats. You should try olive oil, coconut oil or maybe even almond butter. Those are all are good, healthy fats that always seem to help me with my energy levels.


Favorite Body Part to Train, and Top Carb Sources

Do you have days where you feel you’re weak as hell? What’s your favorite body part to train? What carbs do you find you don’t digest well?

Weaker days? Of course, bro … no one is Superman, 24/7!

My favorite body part to train would be either back or legs, because those are the ones that need the most work and I love a challenge!

As for carb sources, I find that my body responds well to sweet potatoes as well as jasmine rice. I have never really eaten jasmine rice until lately, but now I am in love with the shit! It seems like in the correct amounts, it keeps me full but not too watery, and gives me good energy.


First You Lean Down, Then You Build

Since I was a football player, I have a lot of mass but my body fat is pretty high— I would say around 16 or 17 percent. Would you suggest that I cut down, and then start to build up from there?

Do you have any advice on leg training? I have always been able to get my legs stronger, but I have trouble getting them to grow. Any ideas?

Yes, I would surely advise that you cut down before attempting to gain any more size, and I have two reasons for this. First, it will make it much easier to see your exact shape and what you need to improve. Secondly, when trying to gain mass, the amount of calories you will need to grow efficiently will put a small amount of water and body fat on you. Meaning, you might grow, but you’re only going to become fatter. This will make it much harder to eventually lean out, if you ever choose to do so. If bodybuilding is what you love right now, I assume you will want to.

As far as legs, I was the same way. I believe it is our football background that makes us desire to squat and lift large amounts of weight— but keep in mind this isn’t always best. Try really working on your form and upping your reps. Recently, I have dropped the weight quite a bit and really cranked-up the reps, as in 15, 20 and even 30. I have seem so much more growth out of my legs, training this way. I think it goes back to our athletic background again. Our legs have a higher endurance than the average person (in my opinion), thus we really have to beat the shit out of them to get some growth.






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