Written by Team MD
08 February 2022

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Big Ramy NFT, Enhanced NFT, Tony Huge NFT Drop

Enhanced Labs has been pioneering the next steps in science-based supplementation for years. Now Enhanced Labs will lead the supplement industry into Web 3.0 with the industry first NFT drop, and Big Ramy will be the first Mr. Olympia Champion with an NFT drop.

NFTs (non fungible tokens) have become a ground-shaking, earth-moving, almost omnipotent force in the world of technology and investments. NFT drops such as the Bored Apes and others are being released with sales prices in the $100s and $200s and within weeks selling out and within months being worth $500,000.




But NFTs are more than just pictures worth money. Truly, NFTs are block-chain based “smart contracts” that are 100% unique and 100% verifiable, and each NFT cannot be broken up into pieces and owned by multiple people and because of the technology around “Smart contracts” certain rights and privileges can be given to the NFT owner/holder. In the last 18 months over $60 billion of NFT trading has taken place on Open Sea, and more millionaires have been minted on NFTs than any other space in recent memory.

Pair the functionality of what is possible with an NFT with the Enhanced Movement and athletes like Big Ramy and the result is a great opportunity for fans of Enhanced, Big Ramy, and Tony Huge to own an NFT not only based on the movement and athletes, but that also has function. Each Enhanced NFT comes with:

  1. Free products shipped to owners home
  2. Registry on the 2022 R/D testing list for new product development
  3. VIP/Exclusive access to Tony Huge and Big Ramy at Mr. Olympia 2022 in Las Vegas
  4. VIP access to all Enhanced Athletes and any NPC or Pro Show in the US that our athletes are present at
  5. Discounts on supplements on getenhanced.shop

Furthermore, two “golden tickets” of the 2400 unique NFTs come with:

  • 2 roundtrip airline tickets to Las Vegas for the 2022 Mr. Olympia
  • Private lunch with Tony Huge during the Olympia week of 2022
  • Hotel and food costs covered for the trip
  • VIP seats to the main open event show
  • and exposition tickets
  • 1 roundtrip airline ticket to the Dubai Muscle Show for 2022
  • Private lunch with Big Ramy during the Dubai Muscle show week, 2022

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These are not just “investment” NFTs, but truly, “functional” NFTs. For this NFT drop Enhanced paired with NFT consultancy Mendocino Management to build out a user-friendly experience. Most NFT drops require a buyer to have an Ethereum wallet, and connect that wallet to a MINT site and receive RANDOM NFTs. At Enhanced, we wanted to improve the process and make it easier for potentially first-time NFT buyers to take part in this amazing opportunity. As such, MM built a site where you can check out with your normal Debit, Credit, American Express card, the site will automatically create a “wallet” to store your new NFT(s), and if you ever want to sell, trade, or move the NFTs to another wallet you can, just by logging into your account.


NFTs are most commonly artist-rendered, almost cartoon looking representations of various humans, apes, or other wildlife, but are not limited to that. They can be videos, pictures, or photographs. For this collection we made Artist/Cartoon renders of Big Ramy, Artist/Cartoon renders of Tony Huge, Photo series of Tony Huge, Photo Series of Big Ramy, and a general Enhanced photo series. All comes with the same rights and privileges and chances of the $10,000 trip identified above.

Make no mistake about it, we expect this limited edition, 2400 unique NFT run to sell within a week. Get yours today for just $139 saving over $60 on the normal drop price for a functional NFT, and for a limited time you can even save $150 by buying 3 for $300 or save $250 by buying 5 for $400.


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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call 877-238-1707 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Click Here to Go View, Select, and Buy Your Enhanced Labs, Big Ramy, and Tony Huge NFTs