Written by David Aboody and Anthony Ricciuto
30 July 2015


CBBF National Championships 2015 - Contest Report



There's a First Time for Everything

The 2015 CBBF National Championships took place on Saturday July 18th with some amazing talent from all over the country participating in its most prestigious amateur event. For the first time in this particular event's history, Halifax played host. Promoted by the Nova Scotia Amateur Bodybuilding Association, it was an ideal setup for a competition. It was held in a beautiful theatre with host hotels nearby, and had bit of a small town atmosphere in general. Hell friendlier people would be hard to find! This reporter took in some of the sights and thankfully the nice weather on the Friday to visit the Atlantic Ocean for a beach shoot. Sunday's rain had photographers looking for cover it was that bad. Thanks to Sean Alexander of Fitness FX Gym for letting us use the facilities, great location and atmosphere in the heart of the city!

Women's Physique

Starting with one of the most hotly contested categories, Alberta's Tamara Qureshi dominated the placings, winning short classes in both Masters and Open. She took the Overalls in both as well. The highlight of this division in terms of uncertainty and anticipation was the Open 'B' Class. This is where Ontario's Eleonora Dobrinina (1st) and Krissy Rains (2nd) both looked 'Pro ready'. I only wish they could have given an extra additional Pro card so winning this class was key! Congrats to Eleonora for getting that additional card, and I'm sure Krissy will be in that group soon. BC's Emilija Martic continues to improve, taking the Open 'C' Class. She is very young with a bright future in the sport.

 Tamara Qureshi - 1st Place Master Women's Physique A


Jennifer Streeter - 1st Place Master Women's Physique B


Tamara Qureshi - Open Women's Physique A & Overall Masters/Open


Eleonora Dobrinina - Open Women's Physique B - 1st Place


Krissy Rains - Open Women's Physique B - 2nd Place


Emilija Martic - Open Women's Physique C


Open Women's Physique Overall Comparisons

l to r: Emilija Martic, Eleonora Dobrinina and Tamara Qureshi


Men's Physique

Continuing to gain popularity, this was the only Men's category at this competition but some large classes were present. It seems year after year this category just keeps getting bigger and bigger and this time was no exception. Canadian Physique is bringing some quality talent to the sport and it only seems to be getting better. The local favorite Erik Bywater took the Open Overall title to the delight of the audience who went wild with excitement when he took the award!

 Masters Men's Physique A - Cosimo Agostino


Masters Men's Physique B plus overall - Reggie Dava


Open Men's Physique A - Nathaniel Werner


Open Men's Physique B plus overall - Erik Bywater


Open Men's Physique C - Louis-philippe Faustin-dorval


Open Men's Physique D - Darnell Williams




A good mix of veterans and new competitors combined for some nice routines and different styles. Returning from last year to take the Overall title was Alberta's Kelly Teubert. Behind her in 'B' Class was fellow Albertan Amanda Genth, she wowed the crowd with her high energy routine back at Provincials a few weeks earlier. A tabulation error meant she didn't get her proper placing (1st) at that show coming out of her class and missed vying for the overall Alberta title. Look out for her in the future! In 'A' class, elegance  personified would describe 1st placer Margherita Di Bari's routine, nice, symmetrical physique too!

 Fitness A - Margherita Di Bari


Fitness B - Kelly Teubert


Fitness Competitor Amanda Genth


Fitness Overall - Kelly Teubert



Women's Figure

One of the strongest, if not THE strongest fields in the history of this competition, there was little separating the top competitors in each class. But that's what it took to get that elusive Pro Card here. A number of crossover athletes in both Masters and Open Classes excelled, muscle maturity showed here! Those were Janelle Samson, Lisa Moskaluk and Maria Sharp (who just keeps getting better every year). Throw BC's Tanya Chartrand's amazing transformation in the mix in Masters and the judges have their hands full. In the end, Tanya took the overall title with Lisa receiving an additional Pro Card. In the Open Division, there were some very tight classes. Ontario's Melissa Bumstead took 'F' Class and the overall title, with a second Pro card awarded to New Brunswick's Julie Peterson from 'D' Class. BC's Robyn Gill looked phenomenal winning 'B' Class, the only other non-Masters competitor other than the two mentioned above to win an open class. She'll be back with a vengeance, for sure! This is only her first Nationals. Of note were a number of first timers with serious future potential, notably Samantha Athey from BC, she has some size and shape to make a serious run down the road!

 Grandmaster Figure A - Chris Cocoromitis


Grandmaster Figure B - Judy Doughty


Masters Figure A - Janelle Samson


Masters Figure B - Lisa Moskaluk


Masters Figure C - Tanya Chartrand


Masters Figure D - Maria Sharp


Masters and Grandmasters Figure Class Winners


Open Figure Class A - Janelle Samson


Open Figure Class B - Robyn Gill


Open Figure Class C - Lisa Moskaluk


Open Figure Class D - Julie Peterson


Open Figure Class E - Maria Sharp


Figure Competitor Samantha Athey


Open Figure Class F - Melissa Bumstead


Open Figure Pro Card recipients Melissa Bumstead & Julie Peterson



Women's Bikini

This category inevitably gets a lot of attention, and this year was no exception. The Masters Top 5's were so inspirational, group photos seemed to be the most appropriate. Carrie Hensman (2 kids since her first Nationals in 2009) won 'B' Class. The always stunning Julie Royer won 'A' and the amazing Kat Delima took 'C' and the overall Masters title including the Pro card win. She also won her open class, so no surprise there! Speaking of the open categories, slivers separating placings in this reporter's opinion and inevitably others who seem to have gotten overlooked, it's a subjective sport and the judges have a thankless job!

The Alberta friendly 'rivalry' continued in Class 'D', with Lindsay Pinsonneault winning this time over Provincials champ Nicole Rogers (3rd). Throw in BC's Diana Todd in there (2nd Place and 100% on point) as well as others such as Harpreet Pandher (7th at her first Nationals is great) in the mix. There were 29 competitors in this class! Lindsay took the overall title. She's just getting started and destined to make an impact in this industry! The second Pro card was awarded to 'B' Class winner Kaitlyn Watson of Ontario.

Masters Bikini Class A
 l to r: Chrystal Jones, Lison Roussel, Julie Royer, Allison Lynds and Valerie Dubois


Masters Bikini Class B

l to r: Barbara Mcfarlane, Sonja Johnson, Carrie Hensman, Jordana Jacobson and Debbie Huq


Masters Bikini Class C

l to r: Suzanne Terpstra, Kari Llynn Zylstra, Kat Delima, Tabatha Kirkegaard and Bonnie Alexander


Masters Bikini Overall Comparisons

 l to r: Kat Delima, Carrie Hensman and Julie Royer


Masters Bikini Overall Winner - Kat Delima



Open Bikini Class B - Kaitlyn Watson


Open Bikini Class C - Yuliya Berezina


Open Bikini Class D comparisons

l to r: Carrie Hensman, Nicole Rogers, Lindsay Pinsonneault and Diana Todd


Open Bikini Class D - Lindsay Pinsonneault


Open Bikini Class E - Kat Delima


Open Bikini Class F - Jaclyn Phillips


Open Bikini Pro Card recipients Kaitlyn Watson and Lindsay Pinsonneault


One Amazing Show!

Let's put it this way, if this event was held here again, attend it in a heartbeat! A record 480 entries at the far end of the nation speaks highly for the sport and what the CBBF/IFBB association means to the athletes! Huge thanks to newly elected CBBF Chairperson Georgina Dunnington who helped facilitate things, official photographer Judi Stone Douglas and good friend photographer Wayne Forrest, with location tips and indoor photography gear I'd not brought with me anticipating sunshine. Looking forward to next year's event which will be the 11th year in a row for this reporter! Additional coverage of the show is available at my own website http://twixpix.com/Contest-Roundup.html