Written by David Aboody
01 June 2017


Contest Report - OPA Ontario Championships 2017



The highlight of the Ontario Physique Association's competitive year is their Provincials, held in conjunction with the Toronto Pro Supershow, the foremost Canadian IFBB Pro show of the year. Top 5 from Provincials qualify for Nationals, and based on the quality of athlete at this show, not surprised at how well Ontario (Canada's most populous province) performs. With close to 500 athletes, it's quite a show to run (along with the Pro event) and kudos to promoter Ron Hache, his staff, all the volunteers, judges, etc. for such an efficient operation!


Men's Bodybuilding:

Starting with Juniors right up to the Open Classes, potential future pros were evident. Look out for Masters Overall Champion Dave Whitehead, Heavyweight Open winner Acino Marshall and Super Heavyweight Robin Strand, who's size makes him ideally suited to doing well when he gets to the "big dance" down the road.



001. Junior Men's Bodybuilding - Marshall Odei - 1st.

002. Men's Bodybuilding Super Grand Masters - Doug Slauenwhite - 1st.

003. Men's Bodybuilding Grandmasters - Kevin Smith - 1st.

004. Men's Bodybuilding Masters Middle Weight - Rod Maadarani - 1st.

005. Men's Bodybuilding Masters Heavy Weight - Dave Whitehead - 1st & Overall.

006. Men's Bodybuilding Light Weight - Holly Dorman - 1st.

007. Men's Bodybuilding Welter Weight - Tamoor Arif - 1st.

008. Men's Bodybuilding Light Middle Weight - Subok Lim - 1st.

009. Men's Bodybuilding Middle Weight - Franklyn Audu Adejoh - 1st.

010. Men's Bodybuilding Light Heavy Weight - Brandon Medak - 1st.

011. Men's Bodybuilding Heavy Weight - Acino Marshal - 1st.

012. Men's Bodybuilding Super Heavy Weight - Robin Strand - 1st.

Mixed Pairs Bodybuilding:

Just one entry, but with a very well received performance.


013. Mixed Pairs - Sydney Ma & Farzad Ghotbi - 1st. 

Men's Classic Physique:

There's a certain look/combination that judges (and we think fans of the sport) find very aesthetic in this category. Overall champ William Celis exemplified that.


014. Men's Classic Physique Masters - William Celis - 1st, Open 'A' 1st & Overall.

015. Men's Classic Physique B - Tamoor Arif - 1st.

016. Men's Classic Physique C - Johnny Felice - 1st.

017. Men's Classic Physique D - Blake Course - 1st.

Men's Physique:

In perhaps a case of having not attempted to qualify in open class at an earlier show, Masters Overall winner Michael Grayer certainly "missed out" on collecting even more hardware at this event! Still 5 excellent open classes, with 'D' Class winner Jordan Smith taking the top prize.



018. Masters Men's Physique Short - Brent Fudge - 1st.

019. Masters Men's Physique Medium - Shawn Becher - 1st.

020. Masters Men's Physique Tall - Michael Grayer - 1st & Overall.

021. Men's Physique A - Danny Zallolo - 1st.

022. Men's Physique B - Blake Muracco - 1st.

023. Men's Physique C - Cameron Iuvancigh - 1st.

024. Men's Physique D - Jordan Smith - 1st & Overall.

025. Men's Physique E - Luke McMillan - 1st.

Women's Physique/Bodybuilding:

Starting with the Grandmasters class, the competition was already at a high level. Class winner Lynn Bonn also placed 2nd in Masters Short, while runner-up Pamela Matthews certainly had impressive size and shape. It was clear from early on, that the WPD showdown would be between Andrea Eddleston and Lisa Kudrey. Good size on both, with a bit more symmetrical look and posing to emphasize that advantage in mind was Lisa...they should both do well at the next level! Some nice routines all around.



026. Grandmasters Women's Physique - Lynn Bonn - 1st.

027. Grandmasters Women's Physique - Pamela Matthews - 2nd.

028. Women's Physique Masters Short - Andrea Eddleston - 1st & Overall Masters.

029. Women's Physique Masters Tall - Nathalie Recoski - 1st.

030. Women's Physique Class 1 - Andrea Eddleston - 1st.

031. Women's Physique Class 1 - Heidi Schobel - 2nd.

032. Women's Physique Class 1 - Lisa McLean - 3rd.

033. Women's Physique Class 1 - Toni O'Connor - 4th.

034. Women's Physique Class 2 - Lisa Kudrey - 1st.

035. Women's Physique Class 2 - Samantha Slater - 2nd.

036. Women's Physique Class 2 - Ashley Rempel - 3rd.

037. Women's Physique Class 2 - Gillian Hartin-Dillabough - 4th.

038. Women's Physique Class 2 - Sydney Ma - 5th.

039. Women's Physique Class 2 - Lisa Kudrey - 1st Place & Open Overall.

040. Women's Physique Class 3 - Sade Asmeade - 1st.

041. Women's Bodybuilding Open - Lynn Calmeira - 1st.


Junior Fitness only had one entry, but a definite crowd favorite. Inspired kids will keep Fitness as a category thriving in the future. Stunning Rachelle Russette won the open fitness division, all three competitors performed national level routines!



042. Junior Fitness - Madison Sonego - 1st.

043. Junior Fitness - Madison Sonego - 1st.

044. Women's Fitness Open - Rachelle Russette - 1st.

045. Women's Fitness Open - Rachelle Russette - 1st.

046. Women's Fitness Open - Katie Karaouzas - 2nd.

047. Women's Fitness Open - Angel Vasiliadis - 3rd.


Of all the categories at this show, Figure had the most storylines and drama bar none! From the competitor whos name was missing from the list (it all worked out...we think) to the veterans re-qualifying for Nationals, and the emerging stars, truly some notable names. April Dumouchel was already qualified in Open at Nationals, a second place in her Masters class will make her a dual threat this year. Of note winning that particular class, plus Grandmasters was Carla Torchia, more below. Always one of the most aesthetically pleasing looks in this category is Cat Dupuis, taking Overall Masters and a razor thin second place finish in Open Class 'E'. To the Open Classes, Class 'C' was where it got truly epic. Alicia Bell had above and beyond the most dialed in and accomplished look in Figure, beautiful lines and a laser focus towards Nationals. Solid physiques down the line, Kayla Carreiro and Catherine Daza placing 2nd and 3rd respectively. 4th place was phenomenal Carla Torchia and to round out this field was Vanessa Dominguez, the aforementioned "lost in the shuffle" competitor which thankfully the judges took note of and more! Big thanks to 'Fitness 365' Gym in Toronto for the photoshoot location. Class 'D' had Syrraiah St. John the clear favorite, with two strong contenders neck and neck placing 2nd and 3rd. Sharon Brown had earlier won her Masters Class, while 3rd Placer Annie Lemay was an eye catcher in Bikini as well! Perhaps a bit too muscular and lean for that category, but from a photographer's perspective (not to mention Annie's personality coming through), very interesting! Class 'E' saw relative newcomer Chantal Bicket eke out a win...reminded me a lot of Canadian IFBB Pro Erin Harding in terms of shape and seriously great potential in this sport. 6 open classes in all, outstanding!



048. Women's Figure Grandmaster/Masters Short - Carla Torchia - 1st.

049. Women's Figure Masters Short - April Dumouchel - 2nd.

050. Women's Figure Masters Medium - Sharon Brown - 1st.

051. Women's Figure Masters Tall - Cat Dupuis - 1st Place & Overall.

052. Women's Figure Masters - Overall Class Winners.

053. Figure A - Krysta Vahakoupus - 1st.

054. Figure B - Samantha McCabe - 1st.

055. Figure C - Vanessa Dominguez - 5th.

056. Figure C - Vanessa Dominguez - 5th.

057. Figure C - Kayla Carreiro - 2nd, Alicia Bell - 1st & Catherine Daza - 3rd.

058. Figure C - Kayla Carreiro - 2nd, Alicia Bell - 1st & Catherine Daza - 3rd.

059. Figure C - Kayla Carreiro - 2nd, Alicia Bell - 1st & Catherine Daza - 3rd.

060. Figure C - Alicia Bell - 1st Place & Overall.

061. Figure D - Annie Lemay - 3rd.

062. Figure D - Zsuzsanna Bajzat - 5th.

063. Figure D - Syrraiah St. John - 1st.

064. Figure E - Chantal Bicket - 1st.

065. Figure F - Kalli Sheppard - 1st.


Ontario always turns out great competitors at Nationals, those who've excelled in the past included IFBB Pros Justine Munro, Belinda Kiriakou, Kaitlyn Watson, Anya Ellis and Jade Alexander so expectations are always high. It certainly didn't disappoint, the very balanced look of Abbie Lombardo winning overall. Of note was Maria Sokolova requalifying for Nationals in her class and a host of competitors who really excelled in the showmanship category with very impactful presentations, Stephanie Muzos and Ina Todorova come to mind. There's also those few who look incredibly conditioned but not the precise look the judges are seeking...Annie Lemay, Olivia Merko and Lauren D'Amico for example (the last 2 placing 6th in their respective classes. 'C' class winner Emily Azzarello was really dialed in...very impressed with 'F' class winner Hailey Goss, reminds this reporter of IFBB Pro Justine Munro. Speaking of this reporter, the first time covering Ontario Provincials so heading into the National shows in July with a much greater familiarity of this team compared to previous years and a greater appreciation of what it takes to make it to the top in this very competitive OPA environment. Special thanks to OPA head judge Rudy Jambrosic, who made our coverage of this event so informative and welcoming, this man knows his stuff!



066. Women's Bikini Grandmasters & Masters Medium Gina Lyoness - 1st.

067. Women's Bikini Masters Short - Nina Ahn - 1st.

068. Women's Bikini Masters Tall - Carrie Foster - 1st.

069. Bikini A - Natalie Collini - 3rd.

070. Bikini A - Stephanie Muzos - 2nd.

071. Bikini A - Top 3.

072. Bikini A - Larissa Miljavec - 1st.

073. Bikini B - Tetyana Morgach - 2nd.

074. Bikini B - Ina Todorova - 5th.

075. Bikini B - Abbie Lombardo - 1st Place & Overall.

076. Bikini C - Olivia Merko - 6th.

077. Bikini C - Maria Sokolova - 2nd.

078. Bikini C - Emily Azzarello - 1st.

079. Bikini D - Annie Lemay - 12th.

080. Bikini D - Laura Law - 2nd.

081. Bikini D - Nicole Ho-Sang - 1st.

082. Bikini E - Lauren D'Amico - 6th.

083. Bikini E - Olivia MacGillvray - 2nd.

084. Bikini E - Lucie Souligny - 1st.

085. Bikini F - Janet Bshouty - 2nd.

086. Bikini F - Hailey Goss - 1st.

In conclusion:

For more on the Ontario Physique Association, visit http://www.physiqueassociation.ca/ and for additional coverage of this show, visit http://twixpix.com/contests/OPA17/OPA17-Intro.html Official photographer at this event was Liana Louzon Photography. Please contact them via the OPA website to order photos. Thanks.





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